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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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at 11:00. have a great monday. good morning. breaking news. a southwest airlines plane with more than 125 people onboard lands at the wrong airport. the runway half the size of where it was supposed to touch down. >> we hit the runway really hard and really fast. then all of a sudden you just smelled rubber, really strong. >> how did it happen again? standing by their man, some big names in the republican party come to the defense of new jersey's governor chris christie as the first subpoenas over bridgegate are expected to be issued today. "duty," former secretary
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robert gates on his new memoir and his criticism of president obama. is it fair with u.s. troops still in harm's way? we'll ask secretary gates in his first live interview about the book. and golden night. big win for "american hustle" and "12 years a slave," even a surprise award for one of the hosts. >> and the golden globe goes to -- amy poehler, "parks and recreation." >> we have it all covered from the winners to the red carpet today, monday, january 13th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the golden globes with matt lauer, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza, and savannah guthrie live from los angeles. >> and welcome to a special split edition of "today" on a monday morning, i'm matt lauer alongside natalie morales, savannah guthrie, al roker, and carson daly out in los angeles. savannah, it seems just like
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hours ago i left you at table 212 at the golden globe awards. >> you know why, because it was just hours ago. >> literally. >> and when you say good morning, matt. that means the continuation of last night. it was a late one, but a fun one for us. >> it was great to see that ray charles was co-hosting with you. >> yeah. i've heard a little bit about that. the sun was directly in my eyes. >> sure. >> it was really bothering savannah, too. >> savannah, defend me, here. >> 7:02 and al has already made the joke. >> all right, guys, we're going to check in with you in a little while. we have a big interview from studio 1-a as well, we have former secretary robert gates. he is wearing a neck brace because of an injury not fallout from the book he's just written. and we'll talk about the reaction in washington coming up in a couple of minutes, savannah. >> all right. lots to talk to him about. let's get right to our top story this morning. the 71st golden globe awards. and carson, you have all of the highlights.
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>> it is official, hollywood's awards show season is in full swing and the best stars of tv and film came together last night. while some familiar faces did win, there were a few surprises, as well. >> american dream. >> and the golden globe goes to "american hustle." >> the star-studded throwback to the '70s was the night's biggest winner taking globes for best comedic film, best actress for amy adams and best supporting actress for jennifer lawrence. >> meanwhile, "12 years a slave" increased its buzz by winning best dramatic film. the night's two best actors awards went to leonardo dicaprio. >> never would've guessed i would win for best actor in a comedy. >> and an ecstatic matthew mcconaughey whose speech was anything but dazed and confused. >> all right. all right. all right. >> "gravity" is nominated for best film.
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it's a story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> and as expected tina fey and amy poehler brought their a-game. >> you want to live with your father? >> i can't. you won't tell me who he is! >> well, he's here tonight. so look around. >> poehler had to take a break from costume changes as well as bono's lap to accept the award for best actress in the comedy "parks and recreation." >> i never win so i can't believe i won. >> for fellow "snl" alum andy samberg also went home with a globe. >> i didn't prepare anything. >> his new series "brooklyn nine-nine" nabbed best comedic actor. and cult favorite "breaking bad" wrapped up the run with globes
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for best tv drama and best actor for bryan cranston. >> such a lovely way to say good-bye to the show. >> as for what some considered the biggest award best dressed, best actress cate blanchett turned everyone's head in lace armani and kerry washington and olivia wilde made pregnancy posh. >> well, it was a fun night, guys. there was some surprise, andy samberg, congratulations to him. the show beating "modern family." >> lorne michaels' world and we live in it. tina and amy crushed it. >> we've got a lot more coming up from los angeles this morning. but for now, matt, we'll send it back to you and natalie. >> we appreciate that. and let's get to the breaking news in missouri. how did a commercial jet touch down at the wrong airport? nbc's kristen dahlgren with more on that story. good morning to you. >> well, officials with the ntsb say they are opening an investigation. remember back in november when a cargo plane landed at the wrong airport in kansas? well, this time it was a
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passenger plane. according to the passengers, the southwest pilot got on the p.a. and said welcome to branson. turns out, they were several miles away. >> we came in sideways, like in the air and you could feel like something was wrong. but we thought it was maybe turbulence. >> tense moments sunday night when southwest flight 4013 left chicago's midway airport and was scheduled to stop in branson, missouri. instead the boeing 737 carrying 124 passengers and five crew members touched down at the clark-taney county airport, about eight miles away on a runway half the length of a landing strip in branson. >> we hit the runway really fast and stopped and all of a sudden you smelled rubber really strong. >> the plane stopped less than 500 feet from the end of the runway, just before a 30-foot drop to a highway. >> honestly, we owe our lives to the pilot. he stopped it on a runway where we would've ended up in the
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freeway. >> no one was injured. and while there's no official explanation for why the plane landed at the wrong airport. experts say this type of mistake is rare. >> it is not at all common to have an airliner land at an airport other than its intended destination. >> reporter: late sunday, passengers were brought by bus to the correct airport. and southwest brought in another aircraft for those traveling on to other destinations. >> my goodness. it's a blessing that nobody got hurt or killed. >> now, southwest released a statement overnight saying a ground crew took care of customers with their baggage. and, quote, the landing was uneventful. and all customers and crew are safe. and i think that may have been an understatement. >> exactly right. kristen, we appreciate it. want to turn to politics now and the traffic jam scandals tied to aides of governor chris christie. he's been quiet since last week's news conference. but today, subpoenas could be issued to some of the people who were involved. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in new jersey at the capital of
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trenton. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. democratic congressman says federal investigators are looking at how the christie administration spent money on a tv ad for tourism after hurricane sandy. i'm told that democrats have been pushing that because of the high priced contract was used because of the christie family. the bridge scandal and now this, christie is under fire. the new term doesn't begin until next week's second inaugural. but his future prospects are already uncertain. >> i think his career is never going to escape the gravitational force field of this traffic scandal. >> christie's political jam is tied to days of misery on the george washington bridge. sunday, top republicans backed up the governor.
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>> he says he didn't know. i think it's pretty darn credible. he wouldn't make this blanket denial unless he -- it's not true. >> i think that he can now move on as long as another shoe doesn't drop. >> reporter: that confidence reflects the magnitude of republican star power christie had amassed in a party searching for a national leader. on "meet the press," reince priebus touted christie as too intelligent for the scandal. >> i think we've got a really smart person in chris christie who is a former u.s. attorney who understands what's out there. and thousands and thousands of documents have been revealed. and not one single link to chris christie has been found. >> but democratic state lawmakers say their investigation has barely begun. >> what we want to do is get all the documents first, then bring the people in one by one and ask them some questions. >> reporter: thursday, the governor was asked about resignation. his response, classic christie. >> that's a crazy question, ma'am.
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i'm telling you, i had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: and christie is still scheduled to go to florida to fund raise this weekend. matt. >> kelly o'donnell on this story in trenton, kelly, thanks. meanwhile, folks in west virginia still dealing with that ban on tap water. natalie's here with that story and others. good morning to you and good morning, everyone. for hundreds of thousands of west virginia residents, they've gone for four days without clean tap water because of a chemical spill. nbc's anne thompson joins us from charleston, west virginia, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. it is day five of that do not use order for tap water here in the charleston area. for the fifth day, noing bathing, no cooking and no tap water. they have 24 hours of the tests of the chemicals that went into
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the supply last thursday is now at a safe letter. as a result, state offices are open today. schools for the most part remain closed, but janitorial staffs have been brought in to flush the water systems and clean the appliances that may have come in contact with the contaminated water and they hope to have students back in class tomorrow1 and the first zone to get the all clear will be downtown charleston. natalie? >> all right. thanks so much. world leaders paid tribute today to former israeli prime minister ariel sharon. sharon died saturday at the age ter spending eight years in a coma caused by a stroke. hundreds of international dignitaries attended the memorial service in jerusalem. vice president joe biden led the delegation. federal rail officials will install cameras on passenger trains nationwide in an effort
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to improve passenger safety. under the plan, one set of cameras would keep an eye on the crew, another set would face the tracks. installation could begin this year. four people were killed and 67 injured when the commuter train derailed in new york last month. officials say the train's engineer dozed off shortly before that accident. and a daredevil's dangerous move getting lots of attention online. bmx rider matt olson pulled off a stunt at the 7th street bridge in ft. worth, texas. riding up and down the arches from beginning to end. olson says he only had one shot, certainly did and he nailed it. the pro stunt rider has entertained crowds at nba games and state fairs. he has, over the course of his career, suffered 13 concussions, three knee surgeries, ruptured a spleen and as you can see there by that grin, plenty of teeth knocked out seven times. that's a mug for sure. >> funny till he lands on your car on the bridge. >> no. no. >> happy it worked out okay. head back to los angeles now for a check of the weather from mr.
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roker. >> i think that guy's auditioning for a role as mayhem. i'm telling you. actually, the top weather story is out here in los angeles. we've got the santa ana winds firing up. we've got high wind warnings, advisories, red flag warnings from san diego all the way to santa barbara. here's what's happening. basically, we've got a high fire danger this week with this system. what's going on, we're going to be looking at high pressure moving into the great basin area. that's going to bring a clockwise flow of air. and as it does, those winds come across, they compress and go down the mountains. so they dry out and there's low humidity, higher temperatures, and that's going to make a high fire danger for a good part of southern california. look at these winds, 41 miles per hour in santa clarita, 22 in victorville, it's going to continue windy. we are going to see this high
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fire danger continuing right through into wednesday evening. and santa ana winds continue there. a lot of wet weather from the ohio river valley all the way down into the gulf coast. we're going to get you to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. [ male announcer ] at some point, everyone's been at the corner of "new year's resolution" and "maybe i need a new new year's resolution." ♪ at walgreens, we know that starting healthy routines can be tough. that's why walgreens makes it easier with realistic and real simple solutions... everything from great deals on vitamins, supplements and fitness monitors to helpful online tools. at the corner of happy and healthy. welcome back now. good looking day shaping up. look where we're headed. unseasonably warm. we're 10 to 15 degrees above average. we're going to hold onto this warmth all week long.
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69 in the north bay, 64 in san francisco, 68 here in san jose. and yeah, it's going to be warmer through tomorrow, return of the 70s, we're looking pretty good by the end of the week to the weekend for a slight chance for rain. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. former defense secretary robert gates who served both the bush and obama administrations sparked a fire storm with his new memoir. in it, he takes aim at everyone from the president to congress and even former secretary of state hillary clinton. the book is called "duty: memoirs of a secretary at war." good to see you as always. >> thank you. >> you surprised by the reaction? >> not really surprised. you know, in a way, disappointed that the book has sort of been hijacked by people along the political spectrum to serve their own purposes, taking quotes out of context. and it's sort of part of the
7:16 am
political warfare in washington that i decry in the book. >> you say taken out of context. in reading the book, there are a lot of times where you level a very stark criticism at someone. and then a couple of sentences later, paragraphs later or pages later, you ease back on and say something. well, actually, i kind of agreed with that person. but you're a veteran. you served for eight presidents, actually, you've been in washington for a long time. you know it's the grenade you throw more than the pullback that's going to make the headlines. you had to know this would happen. >> well, i wasn't surprised by it. and the truth is, i think the book is very even handed. i don't vilify anybody. i make it clear, i have a lot of respect for both president bush and president obama. and just like on afghanistan, i think that, you know, what has been lost in the news media is that i actually agreed with virtually every decision president obama made. >> you agree with those decisions after saying you thought the president had lost his belief in the mission or his
7:17 am
passion in the mission. and by the way, it's not something you just say once in the book. by my count, you said it about eight times using terms like you expected more commitment to the cause, you doubted his support for the mission, and you said that he was skeptical if not outright convinced it would fail. so you made a pretty strong point in the book that he didn't believe in the mission. >> well, first of all, what gets conflated is the fact i said along the way that when he made those decisions, particularly for the afghan surge in november of 2009, i absolutely believe he was convinced it would work. i think his reservations grew -- and the way i outline it in the book is his reservations began to grow in the spring of 2010. but as late as december of 2010, he was still saying we're on the right track in afghanistan. so it was in our private conversations that he would
7:18 am
express these reservations about whether it was working. the decisions were right. i believe he believed it would work. let me say, matt, in a way it parallels president bush in 2006 when president bush began to have reservations about whether his strategy in iraq was working. >> but as he started to, perhaps, believe in the success of that mission less, you're still signing deployment orders for people to go over there. as secretary of defense, did you have a bad feeling about that? did you confront the president about his lack of passion for that mission at that time? >> i talked to his chief of staff rahm emanuel about the need for the president to take ownership of the war. and i did talk to the president about the need to speak out about the performance of the war and why it was important for the troops to be there. >> as this criticism is leveled
7:19 am
by you in the book at a time when some 40,000 u.s. troops are in harm's way, do you think that by calling him into question at this stage it is either dangerous or dishonorable? >> well, neither. i thinthe decisions have all been made with respect to afghanistan. i agree with those decisions. we're going to be out of there in december 2014. i agree with the decision for a residual force. i agreed with the president's deployment, the drawdowns. >> you don't think it undermines his credibility with the troops he's commander in chief of right now? >> no, i don't. >> let me move on to another subject. and this is one that's gotten a lot of attention. you recount a conversation between hillary clinton and the president talking about george bush's surge in iraq where you basically say that hillary told the president her opposition to the surge had been political because she was facing him in the iowa primary and the president conceded vaguely his opposition to the iraq surge had
7:20 am
also been political. that's a pretty strong statement. i think people have a right to know, what exactly did the president say? >> well, what i say in the book was that the president conceded a lot of opposition to the surge had been political. he never said that his opposition had been political. and, in fact, his opposition was consistent with his opposition to the war all along. the thing about hillary's comment that caught my attention was, first of all, i was on the other side of that issue in the spring of 2007. but it was such an anomaly. because in the whole time i served with secretary clinton, i never heard her as secretary of state discuss domestic politics in any way, shape or form as influencing her recommendations to the president or her views on issues -- >> perhaps her opposition was purely political because of the iowa primary. do you think that will or should hurt her in her political ambitions down the road? >> no. i think there's a difference
7:21 am
when you're in the senate and campaigning for office and when you have the responsibility of office. and when she had the responsibilities of office, as i say, i never heard her bring domestic politics into the issue. >> let me end on this. and this is something that got me. you talk about visiting cemeteries and front lines and the hospitals and seeing wounded soldiers. and you say you would wake up in the middle of the night, think of a wounded soldier you saw in the hospital. i would say, quote, and in my imagination, i would hold him to my chest to comfort him. silently in the night, i would weep for him. how did seeing the cost of war up close impact you, mr. secretary? >> it had a huge impact. as i write, i had served in government and cia and at the white house, the national security council for a long time. i'd been through a number of wars beginning with vietnam. but generally from antiseptic offices.
7:22 am
but seeing these people up close on the front lines in afghanistan and iraq, seeing them in the hospital, seeing their families had a huge impact on me. >> former secretary of defense, robert gates. mr. secretary, feel better. >> thanks a lot, matt. appreciate it. >> tell everybody the book is called "duty." let's send it out to carson in los angeles. >> well, thank you very much. thank you very much. big night last night here in l.a., obviously with the golden globes. one of the cool things, we had a vine 360 booth. and i know you all jumped in. the most tweeted about moment last night was when "breaking bad" won for best tv drama. the most tweeted about celebrities were jennifer lawrence, amy poehler and jared leto. and we'll tell you why jennifer lawrence was the one that stole the show last night. she was huge on social media and twitter. we will have more coming up from the golden globes in a little bit. back to you guys. >> all right. carson, thank you very much. coming up, we're going to talk to al. he certainly had an evening to
7:23 am
remember as he went one on one with the winners. and the sex scandal swirling around the president of france and why the first lady ended up in the hospital. but first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer.
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coming up, much more from the golden globes, the head-turning looks on the red carpet. weather. you'll figure it out. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker grew up knowing it has to be packed with lots of delicious fruit. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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>> a very good monday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators say an early morning fire in san jose was probably started by a cigarette. the fire started about 5:00 a.m. people there put the flames out themselves. it was by the santa clara country club. crews were relieved it wasn't started by an arsonist. investigators released this sketch of their person of interest, a white or hispanic man between 25 and 40, at least 6 feet tall and wears large framed glasses. police say he caused 13 suspicious fires in san jose in less than a week. all of them set between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning. people in the area handing out flyers and even organizing a
7:27 am
neighborhood night to watch in an effort to keep homes safe. >> the 49ers are back in the bay area this morning ready to get back to work. die-hard fans welcomed the team home to its facility last night. 49ers beat the carolina panthers, 23-10 yesterday. setting up sunday's showdown with rival seattle seahawks. our forecast, a nice one. warm one this week. >> yeah, definitely. we have a beautiful red and gold sunrise to welcome the 49ers home. a beautiful day shaping up. temperatures are still on the chilly side. look where we're headed. 10 to 15 degrees above average. highs come in at about 2:30 this time of year. 69 on the way to the north bay. 64 san francisco, 68 degrees right here in san jose. and take a look at this. we're going to stay nice and warm every day this week. in fact, the 70s on the way tuesday through thursday. your seven-day forecast here at the bottom of the screen.
7:28 am
let's check on your drive. it's been a tough one. >> we have a lot more traffic today than we have for about a month so the bay bridge toll plaza had a backup early and it's backed up slow off of the berkeley curve. an incident in san francisco on the maps. a slower drive westbound into the city and earlier crash at 101 and another right at the 80 split caused slowing into the city off of the bridge and slow north of 280 as well. both directions for 101. here is the south bay with improvement after the crash cleared. then 87 had to clear, now north 85 and 280 showing a slower drive.
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♪ there's so much to be grateful for. and i am somebody who really works really hard to have perspective. it's wonderful when people support you. and, you know, there's so many people i didn't thank that have helped me. and you know, when -- i don't really win very often. so it means a lot to me when i can get up there. >> we are back now at 7:30 on this monday morning, it's the 13th of january, 2014. that's amy adams with our al last night in the winners' room. back here in los angeles, i'm here with al roker. we've got matt and natalie in new york this morning. many celebrity friends we've made here in l.a. >> yeah. and amy adams was very emotional when she gave the speech and still very emotional when she
7:31 am
came to us back in the one-on-one room. >> we look forward to hearing from her. the award show is topping our headlines this morning. "american hustle" walked away with best picture in comedy and musical. "12 years a slave" won in the drama category. and on the tv side, "breaking bad" was named best drama, matt. >> big roar in the room when that happened, savannah. also making headlines, officials are trying to figure out why a southwest airlines flight landed at the wrong airport last night. it was supposed to land in branson, missouri. instead, touched down in a much smaller airport about seven miles away. and in his first interview since the massive breach of computer data, target's ceo tells cnbc he first learned of the problem on december 15th. he also vowed to make it right. we're going to hear from him coming up. also coming up, maria shriver's here to kick off our
7:32 am
"doing it all series." an important look at the changing roles of women here in the u.s. >> but, guys, we want to begin this half hour with more on the golden globes. and my prime seat inside the winners' circle. >> the golden globe award goes to "12 years a slave." >> the perfect award to win because we got to all stand there together and celebrate. it was unifying. >> leonardo dicaprio, "the wolf of wall street." >> a lot's been made about the number of "f" bombs were dropped. >> i knew it was going to be polarizing. and we purposefully wanted to focus on these people's attitudes. and ultimately for us, that says something about the culture we live in. >> i always cry when i'm not supposed to, and when a director asks me to cry, i can't cry. it really sucks.
7:33 am
>> i didn't expect to win. you know -- sorry, i'll get emotional again. you know, you really -- there's so much to be grateful for. i don't really win very often so i don't get to thank them. it means a lot to me when i can get up there and thank people. >> you gathered steam as you went along in your speech. and got a little salty there. >> go to hell and don't come back. >> i can be quite salty. i have a scottish father and a french mother and, you know, i've lived around. and i'm full of piss and vinegar, as they say. >> we got the band back together. does this put a note on it for you guys? >> i don't want -- >> i don't think it's ever going to be over. >> you'll all go on and do great things, but never do this again. >> really? >> yeah. >> we'll do some really terrible things. we'll be very disappointing to our parents. >> well, a lot of people don't
7:34 am
know this, but i'm actually a samurai. >> are you really? >> yes. you're only supposed to wear your hair like this if you have -- what's so funny? >> no. >> if you have been chosen and you have earned the right to wear it. if you don't, chop it off. >> it ends up looking like this. >> you know what, that's a very wise look, some say. >> can people at home hear this music? or do they suddenly think you're getting fast because you have a panic attack, which i'm probably having. >> i'm going to lie down. >> you're a little pooped. put your feet up, relax a little bit. there you go. >> i'm good. >> you're good now? >> i'm good, thank you. >> and this is why the golden globes is so much fun. >> i love it. you really got to talk to everyone. and i enjoyed your conversation with jared leto about the hair. >> yes, he's a samurai. he showed me his sword a little
7:35 am
later. >> not touching that one. >> i was on the red eye, i'm not touching that one. >> again, that's why i love the golden globes. >> by the way, we were in the room last night, and when jacqueline bisset got up, say what you said at the end of her speech. you were yelling, "more,". >> exactly. >> encore. >> wasn't it great they gave her a seat in the parking lot? how long did it take her? i felt so badly for her. >> everybody. >> said hi to jon voight. >> well, we've got a lot more to cover for the golden globes. >> we have a little clipper coming across bringing some snow. check it out as we get to the future cast. show you today as that low pressure makes its way from the great lakes, cutting across, just to the north of chicago. on into chicago. look at this, over the next 24
7:36 am
hours, generally about 3 to 6 inches of snow from milwaukee to fargo. a wider swath about 1 to 3 inches of snow. rest of the day today ahead of that system. we've got wet weather from the great lakes to the gulf coast. sunny along the eastern sea board. those santa ana winds that we were talking about and look for more rain moving into the pacific northwest. seattle's high today, about 52 degrees. that's what's going on around funny because that's where we are right now in mountain view, that's seattle time. we're starting out at 52, we'll end up close to 70 all across the board for today. so, it's cold enough for a coat to start but something you can peel off later. over the bay bridge from emeryville tells the story. we have off shore winds, clearing the sky out bringing in the sunshine early. as a result temperatures end up in the upper 60s today. it's not even as close to where we're headed in the heat of the week, 80 degrees on wednesday.
7:37 am
>> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right. al, thank you. >> thank you very much. up next, the first lady of globes last night. first on a monday more tn morning, these messages. with freshly bakedeve in whole grain bread.right
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we are back now at 7:41 with an alleged love affair involving the president of france getting worldwide attention. nbc's michelle kosinski is in paris with this story. good morning to you.
7:42 am
>> reporter: hi, matt. not only are there photos supposedly showing the president in a sort of disguise visiting his alleged mistress. now the french first lady is in the hospital over all of this since friday. one more instance here where you think, can you imagine the fallout if something like this happened in the u.s.? >> reporter: very french, but most high profile scandal erupted friday. the headline the president's secret love. tabloid photos allegedly showing hollande arriving at a french apartment late at night on a motorcycle with his personal body guard wearing a helmet, then leaving in the morning, again, helmet on. the magazine claims this happened several times and that arriving and leaving around the same time was a popular 41-year-old actress julie gayet. 18 years younger than the lately unpopular leader of her country. >> it looks a bit silly because he couldn't handle the affair.
7:43 am
>> more important issues in france than this, many french say. but the same day the photos came out, france's first lady valerie trierweiler was admitted to the hospital saying she had a severe case of the blues. >> this story is a political soap opera. this is a question of security. should the president be riding around on a motorcycle in the middle of the night? >> hollande has threatened to sue the magazine saying he deplores the attacks on respect for privacy to which each citizen has a right. but so far, he doesn't deny anything. he will face the cameras tomorrow, what was supposed to be a big press conference about fixing major problems like unemployment in france. now sure to include some question about who exactly is the current french first lady friend. hollande and presumably valerie
7:44 am
trierweiler is expected to visit the u.s. next month and if he does appear with her, if that will possibly be worse for his public image. meanwhile, the french who like to say they don't care about trivial personal matters are calling this cataclysmic. >> michelle, thank you very much. let's go back to los angeles where savannah probably has a severe case of the blues, as well. >> a different kind. different kind. coming up here from l.a., who wore it best. the golden globes fashions that have people talking. but first, these messages. ♪ whoa, who-o-o-a ♪ whoa, who-o-o-a ♪ one, two, three, four! ♪ ohh, oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ ohh, oh-oh-oh-ohhh ♪ go, let's go ♪ hit me like a supernova ♪ let it flow ♪ over like an ocean ♪ when the sound explodes ♪ everybody's feeling all right ♪
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there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. ♪ >> a lot of people were talking about the interesting thing which was the long walk to the stage for the winners. our friends at buzzfeed created this map if you were in the room at beverly hilton last night. i'm sure you will see it at some point. one of the first winners of the show was jacqueline bisset.
7:50 am
>> couldn't they get her a seei segway. ellen had a great comment. i actually helped write her speech. did you like it? angeles. back to you. >> >> she said i have waited 45 years. i'll take my time. we have a special edition of trending. >> did you have a favorite in the fashion world? the stand outs are on display. we will show you from last night. natalie. and maria shriver will join us. she will talk about empowering women to do it all. first, let's take a look at your local news and weather.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
a very good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. former santa clara elementary school principal eric lewis will be back in court. he pleaded not guilty to five felonies including selling meth. if found guilty he faces eight years in jail. >> a foster farms plant in livingston is closed again one day after calling employees back to work. usda shut down the chicken processing plant on wednesday because of a cockroach infestati infestation. the suspension was lifted two days later and work resumed after foster farms cleaned and treated the plant. now the company is voluntarily suspending operations for several days so it can properly implement new safety measures. want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's going to feel more like springtime than january. good monday morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. temperatures today are going to end up in the 60s, even close to
7:57 am
70 degrees in places in the north bay, 69 for you, sick 8 in the south bay and the peninsula, about 68 degrees so we're talking about a major warm-up. not just today, all week long. in the 70s and that's where they will stay for most of the week. your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen. i want to tell you the storm track gets back to the south and a chance for rain saturday. cooler temperatures but could be looking at records between now and thursday. let's check your drive. good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning. sunny right here but the traffic is what we're looking at for this report. southbound 880 jammed through fremont. coming off of the dumbarton bridge, there is your slow drive. the map shows you the south bay, northbound route the slower drive. 85, 280 and 101. 87 starting to move more smoothly. slow into and out of san francisco from 1 a 1. the crash as well as west 80 have cleared. slower also at 280 southbound, a kroosh that caused backup out of
7:58 am
daly city.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, the red carpet rundown. who shined and shimmered and got everyone talking at last night's golden globes? plus doing it all. what does that mean to you? the state of women at home, in the workplace, and everywhere in between. and golden girl, a new star is born as gracie gold takes the top spot in the u.s. figure skating championship. the competition wasn't without controversy. we'll talk to scott hamilton as our countdown to sochi rolls on today, monday, january 13th, 2014. ♪ >> i came to new york city for my 18th birthday!
8:01 am
>> first time in new york city all the way from austin, texas. >> hi to our kids in kingwood, texas. >> good morning to our son in iowa! >> hi mom, in ventura, california, you better be watching as always. >> morning. >> how are you? >> seven years in a row for the "today" show for my birthday! >> whoo! >> we're back now 8:00 on a monday morning. a little photobomb, courtesy of hoda kotb out on the plaza a little bit earlier. i'm matt lauer here in new york. savannah guthrie, carson daly, al roker all in l.a. guys, even as i come to you, i want to introduce you to all the people with me on the red eye last night. they loved the awards and they all miss you. how's it going out there? >> good. you look so lonely there. little kale juice for you out here in los angeles, matt. we've got a lot to cover out
8:02 am
here. much more on the globes straight ahead. >> we've got fashions and all that. and i got to go to all the parties last night. that was a lot of fun. >> you just rolled in. >> my voice a little scratchy, but it was a good time. >> as we mentioned here in new york, maria shriver's here to begin a special series. we've been asking women to tell us about the challenges and triumphs in their lives. and you can join the conversation using the #doingitall. we'll get to maria in a little while. let's head inside. natalie has a check of all the headlines. good morning again. >> good morning, everyone. the faa is investigating after a large jetliner landed at the wrong airport for the second time in two months. the southwest airlines flight from chicago landed unexpectedly last night at a tiny airport near branson, missouri. it was supposed to touch down at the branson airport about seven miles away with a longer runway. passengers completed their journey by bus. in november, you'll recall a cargo plane landed at the wrong airport in kansas.
8:03 am
officials say they are days away from lifting a strict tap water ban for some 300,000 people after a chemical spill in west virginia. the state's governor says new test results show a light at the end of the tunnel. the water supply was tainted last thursday when a chemical storage tank leaked into the elk river. as the target corporation deals with a massive security breach affecting more than 100 million credit and debit card customers, the company's ceo spoke exclusively to cnbc's becky quick. and becky joins us now. good morning, becky. >> good morning, natalie. right now, target's top priority is to try to win back shoppers. the first step is to reassure consumers they won't be held responsible for any charges that occur as a result of the breach. >> zero liability is zero liability, which means target is paying for any fraudulent, any possible fraudulent activity on anybody's credit card. and we're providing the free credit monitoring service.
8:04 am
so the guest has no liability whatsoever. >> target says that it will work with the banks to determine who will actually reimburse the consumer. and those reassurances have helped restore some trust in the company. after the breach in december, sales at target dropped off sharply. but as of friday, target says sales have returned to almost normal levels. of course, that was before the latest revelation that additional personal information from as many as 70 million americans had also been compromised. now the jury is out on target. and again, the entire retail sector is scrambling to try to figure what will happen after this. back to you. >> becky quick, thanks so much. and you can watch the entire interview on cnbc. the attorney for new york yankees star alex rodriguez is asking a court to block the season long suspension handed down saturday. rodriguez has never failed a drug test. he was suspended for his ties to a florida clinic that provided performance-enhancing drugs to other major leaguers. on "60 minutes" sunday, the former head of that clinic said
8:05 am
a-rod turned to him and banned substances to reach his career home run goal. >> he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case sports performance objective. and the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> well bosh said he personally injected rodriguez with p.e.d.s. a-rod's attorney calls that claim unbelievable. and pants were apparently optional for subway riders in cities around the world on sunday. it was all part of the 13th annual no pants subway ride. in new york, thousands of people met outside and poured into subway stations. and in mexico city, more of the same, about 800,000 cheeky riders took part. the event started in 2001 by a new york improv comedy group. and apparently it stuck. 8:05. let's send it back to al in los
8:06 am
angeles. he has another check of our weather. mr. roker? >> i think we ought to try that at the show, nat. >> no, thank you. not happening. not even close. >> i know, it'll be a lot better for me as opposed to you. >> disaster. >> as far as viewing is concerned. all right. our pick city of the day, it continues to be los angeles. unfortunately, it's going to be windy, sunny and warm. so that's why we have red flag warnings. and that continues right into wednesday with temperatures upper 70s, low 80s. a lot of the country in a january thaw, we are in the post polar vortex. san francisco, 67 today, ten degrees above normal, 15 degrees above normal. we'll get in the midsection of the country, sioux falls, 15 degrees above normal, chicago, 41, nine degrees. oklahoma city, 59, that's 11 degrees above normal and all the way to the northeast, boston at 14 above with 51, new york city, 53 degrees. that is toasty. that's what's going on aro
8:07 am
we're certainly going to fall into that toasty category later on today, but it's still chilly out there. 41 degrees in concord. 45 in san jose. heading towards the upper 60s, just about everywhere, including our local beaches, where you're still going to find some big waves. you never want to turn your back to the ocean with a setup like that. large swells continue, though. 69 degrees in the north bay. 64 in san francisco. 68 degrees right here in san jose. weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up next on "trending," tina fey and amy poehler's best jokes of the night. >> plus, who shined the brightest on the red carpet? the dresses and tuxedos that have people talking this morning. and maria shriver on what it means to do it all. but first, these messages. all. but first, these messages. life is full of why's. why did she dump me? why should we move? why isn't anyone laughing at my jokes?
8:08 am
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8:12 am
got a special golden globes edition of what is trending today. you ready, guys? >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's do it. >> let's start with a little bit of controversy during last night's show. it happened during a tribute to woody allen who was being honored by this lifetime achievement award. there were two viewers in particular who did not respond kindly. one is mia farrell, they split in 1992 after allen's affair with their adopted daughter was revealed. she took to twitter saying time to grab some ice cream and switch over to "girls." that was noticeable. ronan farrow went even further. did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after annie hall. that was in reference to allegations made by his other adopted daughter that he sexually abused her as a young girl. those are allegations, of
8:13 am
course, allen denies. but wow. >> i guess woody's not going to be a guest on ronan's show. >> go out on a limb and say no. >> she took the golden globe last night for "silver linings playbook" and last night for "american hustle." jennifer lawrence is getting more buzz this morning. why? another onscreen appearance. this one not so much planned. take a look, ryan seacrest interviewing taylor swift before the show. check out in the background, there's jennifer sneaking up the stairs. >> i'm going to go up there. >> but i'm going to -- okay. she's doing like the little warner brothers -- she is so great. i love her. a nice attempt at being discreet. but let's face it, if you're jennifer lawrence, somehow the camera seems to find you. eventually she joins swift for some chatter and hugs. >> it was so cute when we were interviewing her on the red carpet. everyone's cheering and
8:14 am
everything and she looks back and says, oh, yeah, hi. you have to confirm. >> every time jennifer lawrence wins, you can tell how genuinely excited. and taylor swift, she's won every award except a golden globe. she was nominated last night. >> i think she's okay. >> yeah, you're right. she could learn something from jennifer lawrence, that natural surprise. great night. andy samberg's huge win for his role in "brooklyn 99." let's watch this. >> and the golden globe goes to. >> andy samberg "brooklyn 99." >> well, that is samberg's snl buddy seth myers announcing the award. but what you might not have seen is the super excited look on seth's face when samberg came up to the stage. check out this picture. that is a picture that snl tweeted out. myers looking surprised and thrilled as samberg was. myers retweeted the pic saying
8:15 am
this is just two good friends sharing an awesome moment. such a great moment there. and people at home, i was surprised, too. so happy for him. >> it's a great show. it's so far under the radar now. but i think a lot of people will watch it. plus, it's getting a big boost. fox is putting it on after the super bowl. >> he beat jim parsons and it beats "modern family." huge win. speaking of "snl" alums, tina fey and amy poehler, they were great. >> they were. spectacular. that's what's trending today. but the morning after an awards show like this, everybody's talking about fashion. that's always a word that's trending. and, of course, the stars this year -- brining -- i should say -- they were brining and they were marinarinating on the carpet. >> roll it. ♪
8:16 am
>> whoo-hoo! >> it's you. >> such a bold color. a bolder color. >> thank you. >> orange is the new black and yet you went green. >> what do you make of that? >> i don't know. >> look at you. you've got a lot going on. >> you have the best date here. >> i agree. >> hopefully nobody unwraps you here. >> i hope they do. >> okay then. >> talk about men taking risks, the color, the beauty, matthew mcconaughey. how are you, sir? >> good luck socks. >> i was a little bit of a rebel. >> yeah.
8:17 am
no tie. >> no tie. ♪ >> looking good. >> i'm good. >> you look fantastic. >> i would say this is -- >> yes, very good. very good. >> you look sharp. >> thank you, sir. >> i said to myself, nobody's going to be wearing it. and, boom, boom. >> i like it. >> all right. >> like a mirror right now. >> it's like looking in a mirror. >> all right. for more on the fashions last night, let's bring in lisa rinna. hi, ladies. >> good morning. >> it was so good, wasn't it? >> yeah. overall, do you give it a thumbs up? >> i do. i really do. and people were surprised it was so understated. but i enjoy that. it can be more about the woman,
8:18 am
the shape, not so much glitz and glam and sequins. >> i think they nailed it. everybody. >> let's start with someone who definitely nailed it. lupita nyong. >> that was it. forget it, right? >> simplicity at its best. radiant color shines off of her skin. you see her, don't necessarily see the dress, it complements her. >> and you think movie star. >> movie star. gorgeous. >> let's talk about jennifer lawrence's dress. i thought it was beautiful. what did you think? >> i love her, and i think that, you know, she wears dior a lot. i kind of felt like been there dior that. which i think is great. >> when it works, are you going to knock the dress? who cares? >> look at her hair and earrings. >> they were fabulous. >> a very fashionable take on a column gown. and it was number one on twitter trending just in all of these
8:19 am
different replications. >> girl crush, margo. >> she's my girl crush. she's the new star, and she looks stunning in that gucci. absolutely. look at her. >> gorgeous. >> you liked my girl crush all the way. michelle was the effervescent take on ball gown beauty. >> i didn't see her. >> a glass of champagne. >> and an interesting asymmetric -- >> i just want to drink her. >> so pretty. >> i love her. >> she's going to take a restraining order out on me. and your favorite. >> i love tina fey's rosy dress she wore on the red carpet. >> she's done it so right for so long. >> women can't wear patterns unless they're young or old, tina fey did it right. she wore three caroline harera
8:20 am
gowns. >> cate blanchett, wow, wow, wow and wow. movie star right off the runway. my jaw dropped when i saw her. >> and from the back! >> the back! look at this dress. >> look how delicate. this dress just leafs around her. and her poise ask everything. >> it's a piece of art. >> and she wore it so well. let's talk about wearing it well. we had baby bumps last night. keri washington six months pregnant. >> these girls did pregnancy right. that valencia on her was to die for. and i love the opposite green gucci on olivia wilde. i thought they did it so perfectly. >> they were bumplicious. >> what did you think about drew barrymore's dress. i think the dress was adorable but maybe tough for a pregnancy. >> i think for drew barrymore, it was absolutely perfect. >> i think she's adorable. >> the only person that could play it off, but i think it's a photo -- a dress that has its
8:21 am
moments. you have to be careful where you're wearing it because it can come off -- too. >> she works it, it's drew barrymore. >> i am, too. >> thank you so much. we could go all day, but we don't have time. we'll see you guys later. coming up, we're going to find red carpet looks for less, but now back to matt in new york. >> thanks very much. we're going to take a turn now to our special doing it all series ahead of this year's release of the shriver report, we put out a call to women asked what doing it all means to you. the response, by the way, was overwhelming. maria, good morning. >> thank you, matt. nice to see you. it was overwhelming. we were excited about that. and we listened. this week we're going to take a closer look at what women and their changing roles are doing to society. the struggles they may be facing and what we as women can do to change that feeling of being overwhelmed and often undervalued. we'll talk about women doing it
8:22 am
all. >> feeling the pressure to do everything. >> getting ready for school, school conferences, breakfast, grocery shopping. >> juggling household duties, finding time for my family and husband. >> wondering if the bills will be paid. >> the state of the american woman is influx. i would say women find themselves more than ever as breadwinners, care takers, they are the core of the american family. >> trying to balance all of this with less stress and more happiness while trying to get a few minutes to take care of myself. >> they are trying to keep it all together. and they feel undervalued and invisible. >> when you work full-time as a mother, you don't get to give away your motherhood responsibilities to anyone else. >> the american family has dramatically changed. only 1/5 of american families have a woman who stays at home and a male breadwinner. >> i do go to bed at night and really worry i'm not doing it right. that i don't see a light at the
8:23 am
end of the tunnel financially. >> very few families can survive in this country today on one income. very often the man loses the job, the woman's job paid less and all of a sudden there's no savings, they're in poverty or the brink of it. >> who would think it would happen to me? do i look like the face of poverty? food stamps? >> katherine clark is 1 of 42 million american living at or below the poverty line. >> i'm trying to keep a nice attitude and thinking we have no food because we have no money. and i don't have any gas money to get to the grocery store to buy anything if i had the money. >> she went from living in a $6,000 a month house to nearly homeless after her husband lost his job and became sick. >> talk about a slippery slope where it just went because now there's no more money. and it's going faster than you can imagine. >> one of my plans was my youngest one and i were going to live in my car because it was a van. >> it's a situation more and more families are facing.
8:24 am
and more and more women are having to take on new and different roles to keep their families afloat. >> i wasn't working. i was taking care of our three kids. i didn't really know our financial situation. my husband took care of like all of that. so i took over, became the glue. >> they filed for bankruptcy, started collecting food stamps, and katherine began to work as a designer. they are now stable but millions of women are still struggling. >> i was afraid i'm going to fail. i don't know how i'm going to be a full-time school social worker and still be primary care giver for my daughter. >> there's conflict perhaps inside of almost every woman i meet. conflict over whether she should work full-time, adjust her workday and be home to raise her children. >> i've got kids that can be sick sometimes. it's hard when you have limited amount of sick time. >> 2/3 of all minimum wage jobs
8:25 am
in this country are held by women and 70% of them don't have one sick day. >> i do worry about what kind of toll that's taking on me. but i think most mothers are more than willing to take those responsibilities on themselves for the betterment of their children. hopefully we come out the other end and everything's okay. >> it's scary, but there's a lot of courage out there. so i think that it's an exciting time to be a woman. but it's also a reality check for women. i think we need to recognize it's not selfish to empower ourselves, but it's necessary in 2014. >> maria, you say you have to empower yourself. sounds easier said than done. what's the best way to do it? >> stay in school as long as you possibly can because that'll keep you off the brink of poverty. >> sets you up for the future. >> yes. >> i want to tell people on wednesday you're going to be answering your questions in an all-digital helpathon on twitter, facebook and e-mail. for more head to and maria's got great information there.
8:26 am
and coming up, the u.s. figure skaters headed to sochi after being named to team usa. you're watching "today in the bay." >> 8:26 now. sacramento lawmakers will take their first look today at a new bill barring employees of the state public transit systems from going on strike. the legislation was proposed following two recent strikes by bart workers. backers of the bill say in california, they're going to be reliant on public transportation. we have an obligation to make sure it keeps running. under the proposed law, employees who break the no strike law would forfeit their pay for every day on strike. let's check that morning commute. >> we had a good volume of traffic. we haven't seen this much traffic since pretty much before the holidays. just before you get here, a new crash just reported at 2:38.
8:27 am
now, as you head down toward the san mateo bridge, the stall has cleared from the flat section. the toll plaza heading over to the high-rise. moving towards 101. a look at the maps, we'll look at the slow drive from fremont. a crash on the northbound side. not causing any slowing there. really kicking in for 87. back to you. >> all right, monday morning. another local news update coming up in half an hour. have a great one.
8:28 am
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see your lexus dealer.
8:30 am
it's 8:30 now on a monday morning, 13th day of january, 2014. as we take a moment to let some nice people here on rockefeller plaza wave to their friends and family members back home. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales. we are kind of keeping things running here in new york while the rest of the cast, savannah, carson and al are out in los angeles with a little golden globes hangover.
8:31 am
guys, good morning. >> yep. i think we're downright loopy. >> i don't think anybody in here slept last night. >> i had about four hours, maybe, which is a lot. >> i don't want to brag, but i got like three. >> it's like hibernation. >> we got one night's sleep between the three of us. >> i got about an hour, but i'm not complaining, it was fun. >> and we have a lot more to tell you about. but coming up, are you planning for a big event? and like you saw in the red carpet last night, we'll show you where to find a-list looks at prices you can afford. >> plus, we're going to catch up with the cast of "12 years of slave" that took home the coveted golden globe for best drama. >> and from here in new york, she has the perfect name for an olympian, gracie gold. over the weekend, captured the women's title as the u.s. figure skating championship. >> and she was pumped up about it. coming up, we'll talk about her chances coming up in sochi. and the other members of team usa with our good buddy scott
8:32 am
hamilton. but first, back to you, al, with a check of the weather. >> all right. as it's a monday, we like to take a looknd show you what's going on ahead for the weekend. we have a lot of wet weather along the eastern seaboard. we expect to see above normal temperatures from the great lakes, gulf coast, all the way into the west. and then as we look into the midweek period, you're going to see above normal temperatures in the northeast, snow around the great lakes, below normal temperatures into florida, above normal temperatures all the way out west. and then for the latter part of the week, it is going to be warm again out west, snow showers continue around the great lakes. we're looking for below normal temperatures, again, from florida all the way to the great lakes, little more normal in the 8:32. back to work monday. good morning. offshore winds are cranking at this point. you can see what happens. as those winds move from land to sea, they warm up along the way,
8:33 am
negating that marine influence. that's why the coast is crystal clear. you'll notice our camera here in san francisco is shaking a bit, and that will be the case for today. we're talking about near record warmth. 68 along the peninsula. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> "today's" countdown to sochi is brought to you by p &g, proud sponsor of mom. >> now to our countdown to sochi with just 24 days to go, the u.s. olympic figure skating team is now set. one name you're going to hear a lot of over the next couple of weeks is gracie gold, the 18-year-old pulled off a terrific free skate on saturday to capture her first national title at the u.s. championship. scott hamilton, figure skating analyst was there and he's with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> controversy.
8:34 am
we'll get to gracie gold in a second. here's what happened. ashley wagner took fourth place in nationals but was named to the u.s. olympic team along with gracie gold and polina edmonds leaving aside the young lady who finished in third place. why? >> the national championships aren't the olympic trials. the national championships are national championships. the selection process goes on for a couple of years before the olympic games. the nationals are part of that process but not the process. when you look at ashley wagner, winning nationals twice, placing high enough in the world championships to allow three participants to go. she's already earned her spot on the olympic team. >> do you agree with the decision? >> i, you know, i -- i like to see somebody earn in their spot into the team but ashley kind of did that. i adore, i love her. it was the hardest thing i ever had to do was to give her our
8:35 am
traditional ice cream last night and my heart bleeds for her. i'm so sad for her. but ashley, the reason we have three women going to the olympics is because of ashley wagner. >> let's move on to gracie gold, 18 years old. what are her prospects realistically in sochi? >> i think she has a chance for a medal. you know, we are going to be in russia against a couple of strong russian skaters. but she's got everything. she's got everything you want in a ladies champion. the triple triple combination, great presence on thes ice, the new coaching relationship she has with frank carroll has given her another level of maturity. so she's doing everything right to put herself in a position to medal at sochi. >> polina edmonds is 15, she becomes the youngest winter olympian since tera lipinski in 1998. does she have the experience to win in sochi?
8:36 am
>> no, that's good. she's oblivious to the stage she's on. all she knows is she's doing everything she does every single day. she's going out and doing amazing technical difficulty. she's got beautiful presence on the ice, she's got, you know, a great maturity. she reminds me so much of oksana baeul. why would there by any other discussion? >> perfect. >> it is, it's awesome. >> let's go to ice dancing. not a surprise that they won their sixth consecutive u.s. championship. how are they looking for sochi? >> phenomenal. phenomenal. i've never seen anything like that. for the first time since like 1988 i covered the ice dance, i'm watching them skate and the stuff they're doing is physically impossible. and with the ease they're doing it is extraordinary. they're spectacular, they've won more world championships than anyone coming into this olympic games. and they train with their biggest competition.
8:37 am
so they know who they're competing against, they know them daily, and it's going to be a really tough fight because they are spectacular. >> yeah, those canadians are a tough team. the pairs competition top spot went to a team that a lot of people have great hopes for. >> you didn't want to say his name, did you? i knew it. >> good. >> you know, it's really wild. he's 6'4", okay. he's 6'4". you know a 6'4" skater? that's tough, if you go a little off kilter, it's like a falling tree. everybody get out of the way. they had a great skate. they fell on the quad sal. they deserve their spot. >> the problem with knowing you for 25 years, you know the look in my eyes when i'm clueless. >> yeah. i got that. >> all right, scott. thank you very much for selling me out on that.
8:38 am
we should mention that gracie gold will be here tomorrow on "today" for a live interview and a special performance. and the olympic competition begins on thursday, february 6th with the opening ceremony then the next night on friday, february 7th. and up next, savannah with the golden globe winning cast of "12 years of slave." and 8:45, where you'll find affordable red carpet look-a-likes. but first this is "today" on nbc. over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food.
8:39 am
for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change. revolution foods is a company we started to provide access to healthy, affordable, kid-inspired, chef crafted food. we looked at what are the aspects of food that will help set up kids for success? making sure foods are made with high quality ingredients and prepared fresh everyday. our collaboration with citi has helped us really accelerate the expansion of our business in terms of how many communities we can serve. working with citi has also helped to fuel our innovation process and the speed at which we can bring new products into the grocery stores.
8:40 am
we are employing 1,000 people across 27 urban areas. and today, serve over 1 million meals a week. until every kid has built those life long eating habits, we'll keep working. and we are back now with more on the golden globes. not long after director steve mcqueen decided he wanted to make his next movie about slavery, he learned about a memoir called "12 years of slave." and last night, it walked away with the biggest prize of the evening. >> the golden globe award goes to -- "12 years of slave."
8:41 am
>> when "12 years of slave" won for best picture, it was the culmination of a story more than 150 years in the making. >> well, boy, how do you feel now? >> reporter: the movie is based on a memoir by solomon northop, a free man with a wife and children kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. >> my name's -- >> your name is platte. >> were there ever any doubts? were you worried that people weren't going to get this? >> no. because i think audience is interested in challenging narratives, challenging stories. >> reporter: when i sat down with the cast and director, we talked about how difficult it can be to watch solomon's marrowimarrow i harrowing journey. >> i found myself crying as the credits rolled. and i wondered what it was like for you to be part of that experience. >> the book is so moving,
8:42 am
engaging, this character, this extraordinary time in history. it's so powerful to me. it is a story that centers around the love this man has for his family. and how the need to reconnect with them can get him through the most extraordinary circumstances. >> solomon finds a way to escape, but millions of others, like a character named patsy never did. >> i make myself gag. >> patsy is lupita nyong's first hollywood role. >> did you ever imagine you'd get the part of a lifetime so early on and be part of something that's so special? >> when i first read the script, i understood something in my gut about this character that i didn't understand with my head. and that doesn't happen very often. >> michael fastbender plays one of new hollywood's most terrifying villains, the slave
8:43 am
owner edwin x. >> i brought her back just like -- >> i think as human beings, we're all made of the same stuff. so a character that does such despicable act like epps, i think people are quick to go, that person's evil. that's like a monster because they're afraid maybe there's elements of him inside themselves. >> this is the third time the actor has worked with director steve mcqueen in their previous collaborations, he played a man on a hunger strike and a sex addict. >> michael, why does steve keep putting you in these roles that cause you to do -- i don't know, some pretty stark and in some cases horrifying things? >> he enjoys punishing me. >> do you think you could get like a romantic comedy from him next time? >> yeah. absolutely. we'll do a musical next. no, i mean -- i'm not kidding. >> when oscar nominations are
8:44 am
announced later this week, the cast and director are favorites to make the list. but for them, the legacy of "12 years of slave" is bigger than any award. >> the reason why all four of us are sitting here because of a lost american hero. i'm so happy that we as a group -- as a unity of film makers got together to make this film to hold him up and say thank you. >> an amazing man and an amazing film. coming up next, from the red carpet right to your closet, we've got affordable look-a-likes for some of your favorite fashions. but first on monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ taking over the world ♪ american girl
8:47 am
♪ and we are back at 8:46. of course, we've been looking at the red carpet, seeing a lot of trend-setting styles. we know people are watching and wanting a similar look. you've been kind of scouring the racks. you predicted some of the trends we would see. and you've got some knockoffs or look-alikes, right? >> look-alikes, yeah. and you can wear them for every day because obviously everyone doesn't have a red carpet gown need every day. >> no, but you want to sometimes get inspired by the fashions we've seen. let's start with embellishments. who was wearing that look on the red carpet? >> we had people like mila kunis, zoe saldanha. and it's something that you have to make sure is the right proportion for your body. if it's too big, it's going to overwhelm you. even paula patton, it's not something you could wear for every day. we have two more affordable versions here. >> embellishment, i see a lot of beading here.
8:48 am
is that what you mean by that? >> yeah. and embellishment can be feathers, rocks, everything that you're almost adorning your dress with. these two are from river island and very reasonably priced, both under $100. >> another trend we saw was tea length. michelle doffry, would you call her a tea length dress? >> absolutely. there were a lot of tea lengths on the red carpet last night. it's the perfect thing to wear. it's not too formal as a gown, but it's not so casual as cocktail. >> i like it because it's sort of like you're not trying too, too hard. >> exactly. and i think some people think it's not as flattering as possible, but actually it's great. >> i think we've got a couple of looks over here of the tea length look. >> we do. >> it can be flattering. i feel like you've got to wear a heel with that, right? >> you don't have to. the key to it is so it's midshin. if you're very tall, you can have it in midshin cheer. it's where the leg gets thinner. and then also if you're shorter, maybe just below the knee.
8:49 am
>> okay. and another look, something you're calling unexpected black. what do you mean by that? who wore that last night? >> a lot of people in unexpected black. we had everyone from cate blanchett, amazing in the armani dress. and then we have emma roberts in the black, very cool dresses. and we have a couple here. these are unexpected in the fact we have a crop-top version here. and then also the black sequin. >> sequins with a little sass. i like that look. >> black at the end of the day is the most flattering color you can possibly wear. and it comes in every shape and size and works for every body type. >> finally, we've got liquid metal. who wore those looks last night? >> we saw quite a few people in liquid metal. naomi watts, one of my favorite looks of the night. and these looks here are more, you know, they're literally gold bullion, copper, the full length here which looks great. and also remember, it doesn't have to be gold or silver. >> yeah. >> we have olivia wilde in the green. >> i love that green. >> and this copper dress
8:50 am
represents that really well. it's the perfect length. it's not too long and could be worn for an easy cocktail party. >> so many fashions, great to copy, reinspired. thank you so much. do you think it was overall a good night for the red carpet? >> i thought it was great and i can't wait for the rest of the season. >> exactly. lots to look forward to. thank you. coming up next, james spader takes al on a tour of "the blacklis ♪
8:51 am
♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer.
8:52 am
♪ one of the hit new shows on television, "the blacklist," has captivated many fans, including al. >> i have been telling everybody, they've got to see this show. it shot in our own backyard in new york city. i got to catch up with james spader, his co-star megan boone on location to find out what makes this show tick. >> and action. >> it's a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride of a tv show. james spader plays raymond reddington, military man turned international criminal who inexplicably turns himself in after 20 years claiming he wants to help rid the world of evil. every week, he exposes a new member of what he calls the blacklist to an fbi task force.
8:53 am
>> talking about the ones you can't find because you don't know they exist. >> james, why did you want to get involved with this show? >> well, i was sort of reading what was out there and not finding anything that i was interested in. and all of a sudden this landed. i'm always looking for something that really is going to sustain in terms of unanswered questions. a show that can evolve and develop with time. >> and this is a show that, boy, you talk about not having questions answered. >> yeah. >> week after week. >> it really can go in any direction. >> the biggest question, why red will only work with one person. rookie fbi agent elizabeth keene. >> i speak only with elizabeth keene. >> do you know what the relationship is? >> yes. particulars and specifics of that relationship i don't know. but ultimately, that's a great deal of what the show is about. i think you just have to sort of allow an audience a glimpse
8:54 am
behind the curtain and shut it in their face. >> nothing special about me. >> oh, i think you're very special. >> megan boone stepped into this role, lizzy, young person. what's it like working with her? >> it's like reddington's relationship with elizabeth keene. you know, we both jumped on to a train and the train has left the station at full speed and it's on fire. >> we make a great team. >> when you found out that james spader was going to be red reddington, what did you think? >> well, when i found out james was on the project, it was a moment in my life that i was kind of bouncing off of walls and screaming and calling everyone i knew. and i loved. mom, james spader took the part. i'm going to be working opposite james spader. >> obviously i don't understand you. >> red reddington, dough you like this guy? >> i don't know if i'd be able to play him over such a long period and not find something
8:55 am
that i liked a lot about him. i have to live with him. >> yeah. >> and the things that i may not be comfortable with about him are things that i'm perfectly comfortable with the discomfort. >> if you were confronted with the things he is confronted with or make the choices he makes that you'd be able to do the things he does? >> i might walk away a lot more. >> i love this show. i love him in it. and tomorrow, we're going to get a tour of the war room and go out to the set with some of the other great cast members. it's a terrific show and terrific cast. >> if you want to catch "the blacklist" airs tonight 10:00/9:00 central. and tonight, al parties. >> i'm going all party, all the time -- last night at the golden globes. >> did you have a good time? >> oh, let me tell you, they're going to be talking about this
8:56 am
for days. >> we're going to wrap it here in l.a. but al's giving you a tease to stay tuned. >> that's a tease all you're watching "today in the day." >> good morning. it's 8:56. i'm terry mcsweeney. a san jose teenager will represent team usa in sochi. the 15-year-old was just named to the women's figure skating team. she's a sophomore in san jose and will be the first female figure skater from the bay area to compete in the olympics since kristi yamaguchi won gold back in 1992. that was before christina was
8:57 am
born, right? >> i'm going to plead the fifth. good morning. we sure are happy to see a local girl in that major competition. right here in san jose, about 68 degrees along the peninsula. warm conditions today. and we keep those numbers unseasonably warm all week long. slight chance for rain saturday to sunday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, this january 13th, 2014. the morning after the golden globes. i'm willie geist along wi natalie morales. al just now rolling in from the golden globe parties. he's in l.a. this morning where he's been hanging with the beautiful people. you chief among them, of course. >> you're so beautiful, al. >> well, yeah, that and savannah. savannah, one of the beautiful people. >> no question. >> did you see her dress last night? >> stunning. i loved it. >> she looked incredible. >> tamron, as well. and matt looking very dapper. >> i loved yours.
9:01 am
>> well, i had people call it deep purple, a little throwback to the '60s there, eggplant, and obejene. >> so you are hanging out with some heavy weights in hollywood. in fact, you documented with a number of selfies i was following you watching it. >> like a selfie palooza. >> on the one hand, i felt kind of geeky doing it, but it's one of those moments. amy adams, you know, of course, winning best actress in a musical or comedy for "american hustle," and then the spectacularly beautiful keri washington in that beautiful pale green. and, of course, she's expecting. in fact, she said she had the best date with her because she literally was carrying her date along. a guy we saw a little earlier in the -- toward the end of the 8:00 hour, james spader who was
9:02 am
nominated for best -- >> love spader. >> -- actor in a tv drama. he's just so -- and leo. how do you not take a picture with leonardo dicaprio? come on. and, i think, one of the -- if not the most stunning woman on the red carpet yesterday, it was a toss-up, i believe between her and cate blanchett was lupita nn nyong. >> i said immediately, al nailed this one. you predicted it in the "usa today" poll. i was like, al got it. she looked unbelievably stunning. so statuesque and gorgeous. >> and, of course, you know, everybody was expecting -- you know, after their stint last year, tina fey and amy poehler, could they top what they did last year? and, man, did they knock it out of the park? check it out. >> hosting the golden globes for
9:03 am
the second time. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> because this is hollywood and if something kind of works, they'll keep doing it until everybody hates it. >> on any other night in any other room, you'd be a big deal. but tonight you're basically a garbage person. >> gravity is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. meryl streep so brilliant in "august: osage county," proving there's still great parts in hollywood for meryl streep's over 60. >> i wanted more of them. i felt like the show needed more amy, more tina. >> you know, you are absolutely correct.
9:04 am
and the interesting thing, you know, other people were ripping off their jokes. matt damon came up, he said, hi, i'm your garbage man who forgot his glasses. and the bit they did, you know, where tina -- i should say amy played tina's child from an earlier relationship. and trying to figure out. she said one of you out there is this child's father. and amy goes up -- >> and ends on harvey weinstein. >> and it was so many great moments. >> if you look at the night "snl" had, andy samberg won best actor in a comedy. got jimmy up there, seth up there and lorne michaels sitting with cut aways, yes. >> you know he's thinking, i am is the god of comedy. >> he sure is.
9:05 am
>> if i -- if i put my hand on you, you will be a star. and you know what, he's got the touch. >> golden touch. >> a lot of times with andy samberg, you'll see this fake surprise for actors and actresses, he was genuinely stunned to get up there. he was not prepared. i don't think anyone saw that coming, least of all him, apparently. >> you know what, there were a number of people who were talking about this show about six weeks ago. and that it was building. and that this was the one -- if there was going to be a dark horse in the comedy category, it was going to be brooklyn 99. and fox, you know fox believed in it because it's going to get that post super bowl slot. so talk about momentum. >> well, it's a new show and it sprung on people. good for andy samberg, good for "snl." you were looking at the highlights. >> some of the fashions, yeah, as any girl and guys check them out, as well. >> sure. >> i loved -- we already talked about lupita, i thought she was
9:06 am
fantastic. i think the pregnant stars looked amazing as we saw keri washington and olivia wilde looked stunning. >> looks great. >> amazing, amazing. she looks like olivia pope pregnant. >> drew barrymore pregnant, as well. >> i loved margo robby, the australian actress from "wolf of wall street." this was old hollywood glam and cate blanchett for me wins overall for the night. and that cut in the back when you see her turn around, amazing. >> i agree with both of you about lupita, she was one as we watched the pre-show. she's such a new face, a lot of people don't know who she was. a lot of people were gasping. she's stunningly beautiful and her dress was great. i thought she was the run away star of the night. >> and you know what, guys. a lot of the guys really stepped up. there was a lot of color.
9:07 am
matthew mcconaughey looked terrific. there were a lot of great tuxedos out there on the red carpet. >> you want to go there? paula patton. check it out. >> not a favorite look of mine is paula patton. >> no? >> and i think a lot of people took to twitter on this one. a lot of people saying it looks like this is what happens when i try to fold a fitted sheet is what somebody tweeted. another person said paula patton's dress is the real polar vortex. >> yes. >> i think the dress was a little overwhelming for her. she's so beautiful and has an incredible physique that you add the whole thing that was going on here. what is that thing going on here? >> i don't know what that was. but my view is you do so many of these shows, take a shot at something. and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. >> for the length of time it would take somebody to get on the stage, she could take a nap. >> she looks great. she's always beautiful, though.
9:08 am
>> she does. >> you imagine the winners getting the stage. as people watch this show and follow it on twitter. i don't know if the seating chart was such or the organization of the room, it took brian cranston. >> you knew the guy was going to win. >> everybody predicted that. >> 48 agonizing seconds for him to get up there. >> seems like they put all the winners in the back. >> well, i guess -- >> andy samberg is having to weave his way through people and make his way up the stage. i mean, it just took an eternity. >> well, the deal is, they put tv -- you've got your leonardo dicaprios and others up front. >> she was in the back. >> she was in the back. >> tom hanks was in the back. >> no? hanks was in the back? >> yes. look at the tape when he came up. when he came up to do the co-hosting thing, the
9:09 am
presenting, it took him a little while to get up. >> no one puts hanks-y in the corner. buzz feed tweeted out a map and said this is the official plan the winner's pass to the stage. >> took them longer with the camera following them than the actual acceptance speeches. they were wrapping them up before they made it to the stage. >> the music started and continued. >> just getting on the stage, you're wrapping me already. >> i know you've got a lot more. we're going behind the scenes with al. he was on all the parties last night coming up in a few minutes, but first, a little look at the weather. >> yeah. and, in fact, the big weather story is out here in southern california, guys. let's take a look and show you. we are talking about santa ana winds playing a big, big weather role here. from santa barbara all the way to san diego, we've got high wind warnings, red flag warnings. you add to that the fact that this is one of the driest seasons on record for much of
9:10 am
california, not just southern california. so we are going to have a high fire danger this week. why? well, high pressure's going to be dominating, moving into the great basin. it's a clockwise flow of air around this. it brings in very dry air from inland, rises up and over the mountains and down again. so you get that friction as the wind comes along the mountains, that heats the air up even more, dries it out even more, there's low humidity, high winds, the vegetation is dried out and so you've got a fire danger stretching all along southern california. and this fire danger, higher fire danger exists right on through wednesday morning. that's what's go yeah, pretty unusual to be talking about fire danger in january, but that's the case here in the bay area as well, with a fire weather watch in place. for the elevations above 500 feet in the north bay, until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. temperatures today show you what
9:11 am
offshore flow does in the bay area. about five to ten degrees above average. look at where we're headed. we're going to keep that climb going. this is for santa cruz, up to 80 degrees. by thursday, 76 degrees. hope you have a fantastic day. >> guys, that's your latest weather. >> thanks. we'll see you in a minute. by the way, with valentine's day a couple of weeks away, time for another contest. if you have a healthy but delicious chocolate recipe worthy of a cook-off, we want to hear from you, go to to enter. if you're one of the best, you'll be here with us. >> keeping it healthy. coming up next, the biggest surprise at the golden globes from the show stoppers on the red carpet to one of the most talked about and awkward moments on stage. we are live from los angeles on stage. we atrying to stay fitngeles but miss real pleasure? the pleasure you crave just got real.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
again, emma thompson kicking up her heels. and fashion has a new it girl. everybody talking this morning. here with the hits and misses from the red carpet to the stage, jason kennedy. good to see you guys. >> team no sleep. >> that's it. we are on fumes, baby. so anything could happen. >> that's right. it's fun. >> let's start off, tina and amy. last year, they did a terrific job. this year, i think everybody's in agreement. they knocked it out of the park. >> i talked to amy after on our live post show. and she said she was worried about the sophomore slump, screwing it up the second time. are you kidding me? they hit it out of the park. they were incredible. and i told her, she looked really good as a boy. it was a great, great scene right there. >> it's a little disturbing, but really good. >> it was hilarious. >> in fact, i think if anything, people felt they wanted more tina and amy. >> and amy won for "parks and recreation." she said her highlight of the night was making out with bono.
9:16 am
>> who doesn't want to make out with bono? honestly. all right. so everybody's talking about, i think, jacqueline bisset's speech. it took her 48 seconds to get up on the stage, and then the speech. >> so she won for supporting actress in a mini series. finally gets up there. she was quiet, didn't say anything, then she cursed and then the music tried to play her off the stage. but she really didn't pick up any momentum. so i went on twitter and everybody thought she was a little inebriated. did she mention anything? was she okay? >> she says i'm full of a lot of "p" and vinegar. she said i'm british and i said, okay, well, i guess that covers it. >> it was the awkward moment of the night. >> yeah. >> and then some surprising wins last night. >> i wasn't really surprised, though, before all of that that "breaking bad" won best drama. i was surprised in the comedy category "brooklyn 99," the
9:17 am
freshman series on fox, andy samberg. we talked to andy afterward, he was stunned, shocked. i don't think anybody in that cast thought they were going to win last night. and then on the film side, i wasn't shocked at "12 years of slave" won for the big, big award. but i was a little surprised that lupita didn't win. i thought maybe michael fastbender could get it. but at least they got best drama. that's what you go there for. >> let's face it, it was really neck and neck with the cast from "american hustle" and "12 years." >> it was. >> and emma thompson, a lot of people say she might have stolen the show. >> it was the moment of the night. she didn't win for saving mr. banks, but she gets up there to present. she's got her martini, she chucks the things right behind her back and moves on. and this is why i love the globes because everybody's having a good time. they've had a few drinks, they don't know what's going to happen. the drinks play a major factor
9:18 am
at the globes. and she just kind of was out of her shell there, i loved it. >> let's get to the fashion. >> yeah. >> a lot of individuality out there. >> so much diversity. and that is what made it so fun. you didn't know what to expect from everyone. but i thought lupita literally shut down the red carpet. she was wearing a red ralph lauren dress with a built in cape. she looked flawless. >> yeah. >> and her hair was so different. her hair stylist blew it out. she had a flat top and he made a deep side part. >> she's a fashionista. >> she is. >> and we had this thing with "usa today." and they asked who would make the biggest splash and i had said her. >> lupita all day. >> and margo robby. >> she was wearing a stunning gucci dress. cream and it was embellished. and also the waistline and she had this really sexy slit.
9:19 am
i thought she nailed it. >> juliana. >> she was in a very lady like dress, very classic, long, brocade and had gold embellishments and this sexy neckline that really, really made it cool and sexy. >> and then from the fortunately i keep my feathers numbered for such an occasion, allison williams. >> i loved her wearing an alexandra mcqueen dress. looked like a top and bottom. and looked better in person, i saw her in the bathroom and it was stunning. >> how about cate blanchett? >> she always gets it right, always. >> thanks so much. >> nice to have you here in hollywood. >> we love doing this. and coming up, he was nominated for a golden globe for his role in jerry mcgwire, show me the money. and they'll never be the same after i hit the golden globes afterparties. i'm bringing you along.
9:20 am
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9:24 am
and secure. he says target is pledging to make significant changes. what is the secret to a happy marriage according to a new study? perhaps not having any children. that might be the answer. the open university interviewed more than 5,000 people, and those who did not have kids rated the quality of their marriages higher than those who did. however, when asked to rate overall happiness, women with children were generally happier than those without. lone survivor was at the top of the box office this weekend. brought in an estimated $38.5 million, "frozen" pulled in another $15 million and "the wolf of wall street" was third. and cross that bridge when you come to it, but you don't want to do it like this. bmx rider matt olson pulled off that nerve-wracking stunt. riding up and down the arches from beginning to end. the pro stunt rider has entertained crowds. he has suffered 13 concussions,
9:25 am
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9:26 am
power to your mouth™. also try listerine® pocketpaks to kill bad breath germs on-the-go. you're watching "today in the bay". >> good morning. investigators say the early morning fire in san jose was probably started by a cigarette. the fire started near alan rock park. the people who live there put out the flames themselves. fire crews say they were relieved that fire was not started by a serial arsonist. investigators released this sketch of their person of interest. we don't have it, i guess. it's a white or hispanic man between 25 or 40, between six feet and 6'2" and wearing large frame glasses. police say he has set 16 fires in the last week. people in the area are handing
9:27 am
out fliers and organizing a neighborhood night watch in an effort to keep their home safe. the 49ers are back in the bay area this morning ready to get back to work. diehard fans welcome the team home to its facility in santa clara late last night. the 49ers beat the panthers 23-10 yesterday, setting up sunday's showdown with division rivals, the seattle seahawks. we'll take a break and come back with weather and traffic for you. ♪ [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz!
9:28 am
♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ welcome back. the time is 9:28. temperatures are still cool enough for a jacket, unless you're in oakland. look at that 59 degrees. yes, we are in january headed towards very warm levels for this time of year. 63 degrees in san francisco. 68 in the south bay. and temperatures are going to keep on climbing as we head deeper into the week. your seven-day shows you that trend. i want to show you the extreme. that, of course, is santa cruz. this is where we're headed, up to 80 degrees by wednesday. you don't want to turn your back to the ocean. watch out for rip kurpts. as we head throughout friday and
9:29 am
saturday, much cooler conditions. maybe etch a shower in the forecast on saturday. a little bit of something for everybody, but highly, highly unusual. >> this is a tough drive. we'll start in the south bay. highway 17 north. look at the middle of your screen, it's jammed from campbell all the way up toward 880 and 101. there are reports of a closing in the roadway. someone sent me a tweet saying it looks like christmas decoration. now fremont is a slow drive as well. slow past the coliseum.
9:30 am
♪ welcome to "today" on this monday morning. it's january the 13th, 2014. pretty nice day here in new york city. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. al is out where the action was last night covering the golden globes in l.a. we'll check in with him in a moment. meanwhile, big event in the new york area. the super bowl in just a few weeks now. and it was announced over the weekend, we knew bruno mars was doing halftime, he'll be joined by the red hot chili peppers. >> strange pairing, don't you think? >> i love them. >> i think a lot of people were expecting to see bon jovi or springsteen, given that this super bowl is so much about this area.
9:31 am
so my theory is, they're hiding bon jovi. >> it'll be a stunt. >> it's going to go crazy. >> or bruce. one of them. >> you let people down, i can't believe they're doing this and he shoots up from the stage and it's bon jovi. >> we're hoping. >> "living on a prayer" for your benefit. >> for your sake. that's her karaoke number. >> it is, completely. i love these, i love bruno mars, he puts on a fantastic show when he's been out here on the plaza. incredible. and the red hot chili peppers are great, as well. kind of like the old legends. >> they're not the old legends, there's a tradition of that, you have the stones and springsteen, aerosmith has done it. >> a little bit more rock along with bruno mars. >> i think people were expected a little bit of jers. >> a little jersey.
9:32 am
>> let's go out to l.a., check in with al for a look at the weather. >> well, i think, either of those -- get them all together. you get bruce, you've got bon jovi out there. that would be pretty cool. all right. well, let's -- speaking of cool, let's look at the week ahead for you. it's looking kind of wet along the eastern seaboard for the early part of the week, snowy weather, cooler weather up through the northern plains, above normal from the great lakes on into the gulf coast. and here in the west coast, it continues warm. as we get into the midweek period, that heat expands out west, below normal temperatures in the great lakes into the gulf and florida. but it's going to stay warm in northern new england. and then in the latter part of the week, snow showers continue around the great lakes, the chilly weather through the gulf coast into florida and out west, it is going to remain rather toasty. well, it's only 9:32 in the morning, and san francisco and
9:33 am
oakland both hitting average highs for this time of year. that's an indication of how warm it's going to be compared to average. as we get into this afternoon, this tells the story. live picture here, the bay bridge completely clear sky. lots of sunshine through the coast. as a result, your temperatures are like this. 69 degrees on the way to the east bay. 69 degrees in the north bay. 68 in the south bay. and we keep that warm-up going into the midsection of the week. >> that's your latest weather. award was given out at the golden globes, but not the case for the stars like al roker. >> we hear you snagged the biggest tickets in town to all of the afterparties. is that right, al? >> tickets? >> yes. >> tickets? i don't need a ticket. >> what they put around your wrist. whatever. >> no, baby. >> you don't need a ticket? >> i just bust in. because when the roke hits l.a., look out. >> uh-oh. >> this is his ticket right here, this face.
9:34 am
>> boom. >> all right. golden globes, they're over. it's time for us to party. we're starting at the weinstein party. >> that's a mustache. >> i just spoke to a very nice lady and she said -- i'm ready to shave it. >> kind of gave you the -- >> yeah. i'm a little insecure. >> you've got leo dicaprio, bradley cooper, and guys walking around with food. i love hollywood! having a good time tonight? >> i am. i didn't attend the show. i'm a party crasher. >> the great part about hollywood parties, they're so quiet. this is fantastic. happy new year! we're going! all these people are awfully
9:35 am
lucky because i'm here now, and we can get the party started. >> this is just to prove i belong. >> only at hbo could you have tom hanks, mr. disney, captain phillips, and iron mike tyson. when worlds collide. >> they could have gotten us some sustenance at some point. we were living off chocolate and alcohol for the better part of four hours. there was no way to get anything down to table ten, man, it was rough. >> takes on a life of its own. >> the night is young. >> it appears to be. >> who have you seen so far? >> i was just like, whoa. >> maybe next year some sensible flats in a bag. >> if i wasn't 5'2", i would never wear heels. >> brilliant. >> i have to get out of these spanx. >> the spanx. you too? >> yeah. >> mine are riding up. >> it's okay early in the evening, but now it's getting old.
9:36 am
>> now it's tough. it's tough. it's what we guys go through to look good. >> i feel so bad for you all. >> all right. well, enjoy. oh, you know you're at fox. look at all the young people dancing. >> hi, al. >> is this the best post globes party? >> the only one i've ever been to and the greatest one i've been to. >> it's the greatest post globe party ever. >> ever, i agree. >> the girls of "brooklyn 99." >> yay! >> was there canoodling going on over there? >> some of us are deeply in love, you know. >> there you go. >> but not with the person who's here. oh, no he didn't! uh-uh. no i didn't. that just about does it for me. got to get back for the "today" show. golden globes post party, out!
9:37 am
>> yeah. >> how many of those mini champagne bottles did you consume over the course of the taping there, al? >> well, they cut me off at a dozen. >> when you were watching that, did you remember shooting half of that? >> are we on now? i have no recollection. going to look at the tape when i get home. >> i said al was getting a little punchy. she said no, it wasn't punchy, it was something else entirely. >> it was punch. >> al, you did a great job out there, man. go get some rest and come on home. >> all right. >> okay, guys. coming up next, a man who knows something about winning a major acting award, cuba gooding jr. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' osteo bi-flex®
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9:42 am
>> show me the money! >> and he never gets tired of seeing that over and over and over again. it's one of the most famous movie lines in history that helped earn an academy award, you'll remember for best supporting actor in "jerry maguire." >> he's playing an ex-con giving at risk teens a chance to change their lives. >> all you're really doing is sacrificing yourself. like the pawn you truly are. >> good morning. so great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> always. >> i've got to go back to the show me the money. >> you want the dance. yeah. every day. >> every day, right? people come up to you. >> we're talking awards shows. you obviously got the statue for that. >> yes. >> talk about what that did for your life, for your career, and what you might tell someone what it does. >> you know, it obviously made me still relevant here we are.
9:43 am
decades later, and they're still celebrating the performance. i tell all the young actors that i work with, don't take yourself so seriously. just work, keep working. you know, i got the awards so young in my career that now it's just going back to film school every time on the set. and i've done since that film, you know, 30 something films since then. gotten a lot of experience. >> i can't believe that was almost 20 years ago. that seems crazy when you think about that. >> it's crazy. >> and here we are talking about awards shows. and you know, a lot of people expected to see lee daniels, "the butler" nominated. it didn't get nominated. were you surprised? >> with the golden globes, it's like potluck, anything can happen. the way they always nominate what they feel that their heart, i guess. and it's different sensibilities because it's a collection of people from all over the world. so different societies have different opinions. we came out in august, and after
9:44 am
that was the "12 years in slave" and "american hustle" came and took the energy out of the room with anything that had opened before it. i think our film did well. so -- >> were you guys shocked, though? would you talk to lee daniels or oprah or whoever it was and say, what, we didn't win anything? >> we got the nomination. >> the golden globes -- >> the screen actors guild award, best ensemble and oprah's performance is being recognized. so we're -- >> i just meant golden globes, it's going to win its share of awards. >> we got the gold statue. >> a wise man once told me that the hollywood foreign press is crazy. >> yeah. >> smart guy who told me that. >> well, good looking, too. >> he was handsome, he wears a nice scarf and all the rest of it. >> let's talk about this role you play, eugene brown in "the life of a king." and he is an ex-con that comes in and teaches these kids the game of chess and how much chess is like the game of life.
9:45 am
>> that's exactly -- that's it. i think if there's a theme to my films all the way back from "boyz in the hood" to "jerry maguire." when i heard about eugene's story, about how he'd been incarcerated all the years, estranged from his children and got into this environment with these street kids going down the same path, turned them into chess champions and turned their lives around. i knew this was along the theme of films i've been blessed to be a part of. and i think an important story, too. >> and it's a story of the power of one man. the classroom and community. >> absolutely. big chess club is thriving today in washington, d.c. and i think the film really touches people because they can identify with those family values at the movie. >> clearly you're a man of those family values, as well. always great to have you here. thanks so much. and good luck with the rest of the awards season.
9:46 am
>> it's all coming. "life of a king" opens this friday, it'll be available on demand and as a digital download. coming up next, are you struggling to do it all? maria shriver on the challenges of family and work and advice for women who are trying to keep up after this. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb.
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9:50 am
only 1 in 5 families in america today fall into the traditional model of the male breadwinner and the female homemaker. two-thirds of women are working moms and many are breadwinners of their family. maria shriver launches the shriver report, a ground breaking examination of the transformations impacting families across the nation. and maria's here along with erica, a new mom who is struggling to balance career and family. and nicole williams a career expert for linkedin. great to have you here. >> thanks for having us. >> we ask people, our viewers, to send us their tweets. and boy, did they respond, e-mails and tweets by the hundreds. >> well, women like erica responded because people need help doing it all. they're being told to reach for the glass ceiling, to go for it. and what they're responding is we don't have a foundation to stand on and that's the kind of help erica needs. >> you wrote into us on e-mail and said i'm one of those working moms. had a 6 month old, why did you
9:51 am
write? >> well, i wrote in because like a lot of moms, once i got back from maternity leave, i was exhausted. commuting two hours a day, working 40 hours a week and really struggling to just get, you know, my husband and i making dinner every night, exercising and taking care of the baby. and it just felt like a lot. and when you add into that breast-feeding, pumping, i was really struggling with how am i supposed to keep going in my career? this career i've worked so hard for? >> yeah. >> so that's why -- >> you hear the cooing in the background. along with your husband here in our studio, as well. let me bring you into this conversation. as we heard the struggles erica's dealing with, what a lot of moms are dealing with. the guilt going on at home, peopling like you're not there. but at the same time, you are striving for that. how do you do it all? >> i think for the most part, you are doing it all. and i think a lot of women have difficulty promoting themselves
9:52 am
and taking credit for the all that they're doing. so from a professional perspective, i really encourage women to take credit for the work they're doing, share credit with their team, with their colleagues. if you get a great note from a client or from, you know, a customer, forward that on. share your successes. use social media to let people know how great you're doing in your job so that, you know, it's not taken for granted. >> one of the things in the shriver report we found out is when women like you go to your supervisor and you find a supervisor, that helps you in your job. >> yeah. absolutely. my company went above and beyond what's required by law in terms of pumping in the workplace. and so that really helped me to be able to reach my goal of six months. unfortunately, a lot of women in this country, though, don't -- aren't covered by those pumping laws. and you featured something yesterday about a woman who had to pump, you know, on a dirty locker room floor.
9:53 am
and we need to have stronger laws and support women who are really trying to just feed their babies. >> right. well, it's a great conversation. clearly, we're just getting started. you've got more coming up all week long and on wednesday, you'll be digitally connecting with women who can send all their e-mails and keep the questions coming. it's a digital helpathon. send us your questions using the #doingitall. go to our wemore details on tha. thanks to you all ladies. and we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] coming up, kathie lee and hoda talk about the golden globes. >> i love them. >> what did you think last night? >> love --
9:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning. it's 9:56. i'm terry mcsweeney. eric lewis will be back in court today. he pleaded not guilty to five felonies, including selling meth in san jose and san francisco. if found guilty, he faces eight
9:57 am
years in prison. a foster farms plant is closed again just one day after calling employees back to work. the usda shut down the processing plan on wednesday because of a cockroach infestation. the suspension was lifted two days later after they farmed and treated the plant. now the company says it is voluntarily suspending operations for several days. let's check the forecast. it's a wild one. here's christina. >> it is a wild ride, hold on tight. temperatures are going to end up in the upper 60s. 69 degrees out in the east bay. south bay today, at 68 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows you that climb continues as we head deeper into the week. this is what might blow your mind. temperatures near 80 degrees in santa cruz this time of year. highly unusual. that's the forecast for wednesday. 76 degrees by thursday. as we head into the end of the week, temperatures are definitely going to drop off, so this will not last forever. get it while it's warm, mike.
9:58 am
over to you. >> it's very slow in these spots. as far as traffic goes as well. southbound 880 and fremont jamming up. an earlier crash over at 277 and 88 causing all this backup. those crashes have cleared. slow driving to the south bay. also speaking of the south bay, it is your northbound route. 17 and 880 still jammed up. sounds like there's debris in the roadway. items in the roadway, been there for quite some time. this is just jammed up. really tough drive there as well. the peninsula, it's clear. terry, back to you. another local news update for you in half an hour. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
9:59 am
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from nbc news, this is "today" with "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda. live from rockefeller plaza. hello everybody. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it's fun day monday. it was a big night at the golden globes. >> we're going to talk about the fashions and who won. we're going to reveal if our picks were close. first we have quite the weekend. >> yes, we did. >> a lot of football. your saints were playing. my giants were out. i was hoping for your saints.
10:01 am
>> i was in a funk over the saints. i thought i would cheer up the crowd outside in the morning. i decided it was a good idea in the morning to say hello. >> seven years in a row. >> it's her birthday but my shot. photo bombing as only hoda can do. how was your weekend? >> i was busy. we talked about rise and shine goals. i had started on that project actually last summer. i hadn't used a professional photographer and and hadn't started using recipes and things. it's more like a cookbook. more accessible, less excepensi. there's bianca from our set. there's one that's not finished. that's going to be january.
10:02 am
it's cornish game hens and lots of -- >> are you going to put your recipes in there? >> yes. there's andy. a lot of andy's recipes. he made the awesome pumpkin dip in october. we literally worked from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night. i was a pig in mud. what am i ocd? >> yes. >> it's taylor made because i could make it perfect like life isn't. >> i will never forget one time i was having a conversation with you when we were getting to know each other. you were talking to me and there was a lamp off behind me. you were like this. i was like what is going on? it bothered you that it wasn't exactly straight. >> whitner like that or you don't give a royal rip. >> you would sit there and never
10:03 am
notice. i'll get up from what i'm drinking and eating and go over. last night i went to see "beautiful" last night. >> i couldn't go. i love carol king's music. i was with my daughter before she went back to college. >> her name is jesse muler. if not already a star, and i didn't know her name before this, you think you are watching carol king. the cool thing about this is you totally believe everything she's doing. there's another couple who cowrote songs. you know more about them. >> cynthia wild. >> they wrote the song, they know the neon lights are bright on broadway. >> they get a hit.
10:04 am
then they go back and forth. >> she married at age 17. >> i'm sitting in the aisle. just down the thing are cynthia and barry. >> they're awesome. >> in the show, the carol king starts singing "you've got a friend" that she wrote for them leaving to go to la. i like down. they're crying. a girl walks by and says i'm tony stern. she said i wrote "it's too late" with carol. i go oh my god. here's the second half. we're watching. they play "it's too late." she's got her hands up. she has tears coming down. everyone is crying. >> there's nothing like an opening night. it went well and got nice reviews. happy for them. her music is spectacular. >> tapestry came out the same time james taylor fire and rain album.
10:05 am
i wore three cd -- they weren't cd, sound tracks out. it was the sound track of my youth. in the 1800's. >> the golden globes last night. >> yes. what did you think? >> i watched the tina fey and amy poehler open. they're full of giggles. when they get going -- i don't know. i love it. >> they enjoy each other too. they're terrific. >> shall we watch? >> he lost 45 pounds or what actresses call being in a movie. "gravi "gravity" nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. merrill streep is so brilliant proving there are still great
10:06 am
parts in hollywood for merrill streeps over 60. >> you know what, there's truth in everything they said. you know fantastic. >> here's another bit amy is pretending to be tina's teenage son. >> we have to set it up. kevin bacon and tina's daughter were miss golden globe. they were introducing their beautiful daughter how proud they were. >> am i done? >> no. don't you talk to me like that. do you want to live with your father? >> i can't. you won't tell me who he is. >> well he's here tonight. so look around. >> mom, is it him? >> no, randy, he is not your father. think about it. >> is it him? >> that's harvey weinstein. i screamed about that. >> she won.
10:07 am
amy poehler finally won a golden globe. she didn't know what to say. she had never won. >> the more you watch her the more you love her. >> she's adorable. >> we made our picks. we put them under lock and key and seal. we made alex sleep with them all weekend long. he's exhausted. alex is milking his moment. get over here darling. okay. it's called timing. >> okay. >> sadly it's lacking. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> give a kid a second and look what happens. >> these were the topics. best picture. the winner was "12 years a slave." kathie said "12 years a slave." what did i say? >> i said philimeno.
10:08 am
best picture in a comedy went to "american hustle." she said "american hustle." i said "the wolf of wall street." best tv drama, kathie lee said "breaking bad." are you kidding? what did i say? house of cards. best tv show comedy went to brooklyn nine nine. >> no one saw that. you said girls. >> i thought this would be their years. >> i was wrong. so you were right on -- you also said best actor. you said it could go to one person. >> bryan cranston. >> no. matthew mcconaughey. that's easy. i've seen all the movies.
10:09 am
cassidy says that leonardo dicaprio is unbelievable in "wolf of wall street." i'm sure he is. he didn't do physical transformation and didn't on the subject important to the world of aids. a lot of people in our industry lost loved ones and friends. it's a shoe in for matthew and jerry who plays a transsexual. the unlikely friendship is moving. it's the physical transformation. hollywood loves that. >> oscarle nominations come out thursday. we're going to talk about all the globe fashion coming up later with bobby thomas.
10:10 am
now it's time for ♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life. then it's suddenly clear in that moment that nothing will ever be the same again ♪ >> why don't we ever finish my songs? >> because it's over. okay. everyone has a story winner ken conklin. >> yes it is ken from roz well, georgia. he's joining us on skype along with his mom. she's the one that wrote the letter to us. hi guys. we're doing your story for a second. ken is a 25-year-old musician, singer, song writer who suffers from an immune disorder. he has a form of muscular atrophy that causes problems with his arms and legs.
10:11 am
his mom alyssa wrote in to share ken's story with us. hi you guys, you know who's singing your song? we have the amazing jeremy jordan from smash and -- let's see, from -- bonny and clyde on broadway. we're looking forward to et mooing you in person on thursday. are you excited? >> very excited. >> bring your guitar. >> i didn't hear what he said. he's darn cute. >> he's adorable. >> have a safe trip. we'll see you thursday. >> sweet. coming up, the real reason you watch the golden globes. it's the fashion. celebrities even get it wrong sometimes. bobby makes a few tweaks. >> and the one on stage everyone is talking about. and the couple that got married over the weekend. brian is back with us right after this.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
we're back with "today's buzz." and all the hollywood news you have been waiting for. >> from the moment that almost put a wrench in the red carpet at the golden globes to a wedding that caused a deja vu. here with all the dish is's brian balthazar. >> i like the sound of that. >> i like the title. >> i dressed up for you two, by the way. >> congrautulations on your new gig. >>, party already in progress. i picked this out before the golden globes and i thought, oh, wait, i'm dressing like diane keaton today. wait, look, i'm diane keaton. >> a little wig and you're right there. >> let's start with amy and tina. >> okay. fantastic, right? first of all, they are universally loved in the business. people love them. and anyone who says, oh, were they too snarky, everyone they made fun of they pretty much know, matt damon, julia
10:16 am
louis-dreyfus. >> that was one of my favorite moments. >> she's practically the third host. everyone loved it. there is amy poehler. i think this is a great night for amy poehler she was on as a comic and then suddenly the real amy when she won. i think it was fantastic. it is a great moment. and there are great moments all over the web, but find those on, the moments from this event. >> there was a weird taylor swift reference. i missed it. >> so last year they made fun of her saying stay away from michael j. fox's son. and she later said, there is a special place in hell for women who aren't supportive of other women. so when amy poehler -- >> i said she said it facetiously. >> no, she said it in an magazine article. >> amy poehler won and tina goes, congratulations, there is a special place in hell for you. >> what was going on with the flooding. i saw the pregame on the re car ped. >> before the show started, a pipe burst on the red carpet. it wasn't clean water. it was, like, blackish --
10:17 am
>> was it sewage? >> some said it was a sewage pipe. some said it was sprinklers. designers and celebrities alike were very concerned. they aren't paying for the dresses. a lot of them are on loan. if you have a train -- there is sludgy water, yeah, yeah. so anyway, they were steaming it, tearing it up, rinsing it. it all worked out, except if you were some of the international reporters who had a big puddle in front of you. yes, some of them had a hard time. >> jacqueline bisset made an acceptance speech that got a lot of attention. >> thank god for jacqueline bisset. >> so real. >> the only thing longer was her walk to the stage. now, in her defense, they do call this the drunk oscars there is 9,000 glasses of champagne served on a day. and it is a monday here. >> it is a very tight room. the beverly hilton. you cannot get to that stage easily. >> basically she didn't say anything for about 20 seconds. you can -- >> i believe if you want to look good, god is a gift to everybody, you have to forgive everybody. it is the best -- >> that came 35 seconds in. before that there was a lost
10:18 am
hemming and hawing and looking stupe stupefied. that's what the events are about. >> you know what i like so much about her, she is -- at one time considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. she has not had stuff done to her and she is -- she's beautiful. >> she really is. >> i think she was genuinely moved and surprised. nominated five times. she was nominated as emerging artist or best new actress like 47 years ago or something like that. so she was genuinely moved. you have to love that. >> what about swearing? i was worried. >> the only thing -- either they were saying they were nervous or swearing. bleep, bleep, bleep. >> who was swearing? >> we had diane keaton. jacqueline bisset swore. there is -- i forget her name. >> elisabeth moss. >> and aaron paul. >> there is a delay. >> there is a delay. jacqueline bisset -- we'll blur their entire face. jacqueline bisset, hers slipped. so i think this wouldn't probably happen at the oscars as
10:19 am
much ta much as it does here. it is a booze fest. >> i liked robin ran up to get her award. like a sprint. >> time is money. took like 40 seconds to get up to the stage. >> what about leonardo dicaprio? >> this is interesting. he won last night for "wolf of wall street." could he win an oscar? he never won an oscar. >> nominated four times, three times? >> this is a surprise. everyone is thinking "american hustle," "american hustle" but guye the guys from "american hustle," you didn't hear their names. leonardo dicaprio brought his mother, by the way. >> he ran out of supermodels. >> must have been on a beach somewhere. but actually tina fey made a hilarious joke i won't repeat about him and the victoria's secret model. >> all the winners and losers on our website. thank you. >> congratulations. >> they look glamorous in their gowns, but bobbie thomas says
10:20 am
she can make them look even better. >> i have a feeling she's right. red carpet redos for some of the biggest stars. if you need motivation to lose weight -- >> wait until you see our newest "joy fit member." >> two of them together. >> what? our biggest fan? >> not likely. >> find out when we surprise our these clorox wipes disinfect twice the surface of lysol. so what's that look like?
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10:23 am
to surprise our "fan of the week." >> drum roll please. while we spin the globe, the winner is -- >> who? >> ellen duffy from florida, who watches us on wptv, joining us by skype. hello, ellen, congrats. >> we're so excited. we'll talk to you in a second. we want to tell everyone why you've won. you've always been a big fan. this past year ellen battled breast cancer and she says watching our show every day helped put a smile on her face. we're so glad to hear that. >> ellen's children made her a road to success chart that included us and over the summer ellen and her husband steve and their entire family showed their support by sharing a toast and watching our show together. >> oh, my god. >> ellen also created a hoda and kathie lee inspired zen tiles, which became part of the healing waterfall in a local treatment home. her prognosis is great. congratulations, ellen. >> you look wonderful! >> so thrilled.
10:24 am
>> that means so much to us. >> thank you. >> you want to know where you're going? you want to know what you've won? >> look at her. >> tell her. >> you're going to head to the fabulous zaza in dallas, texas, for three days and two nights. romantic concept suite, the zaza bungalow. you get to enjoy dinner and breakfast at the hotel's restaurant dragonfly. >> hang out at the pool and unwind for a massage, luxurious za spa. car service is available to check out the city attractions. hotel and air accommodations turn ir furnished by hotel zaza. >> are you excited? >> thank you so much. >> we love you. >> send us some pictures, okay? god bless. >> how sweet is she? >> a doll. >> if you think you deserve to be a fan of the week, go to trying to lose weight? we have two ladies that dropped
10:25 am
an amazing amount of weight proving it can be done at any age. bobbie thomas will walk us through the looks at the golden when you only have one hand, you're not doing anything as fast as you used to, which is funny, 'cause i still do it better than her. you know, i don't think i was meant to sweep. it's a little frustrating. look. [ zach ] i can't help out as much as i used to. do you need help? [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up. it's a swiffer sweeper. it's a swiffer dusters. it can extend so i don't have to get on the step stool. i don't know how it stays on there. it's like a dirt magnet -- just like my kids. [ afi ] this is a danger zone. that is crazy. ah-ha-ha! [ zach ] yeah. no, this definitely beats hanging out on a step ladder. what's up, baby? and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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10:27 am
barred from striking. under the proposal, an employee could be fired or forfeit twice their daily pay for every day they're on strike. a 15-year-old is heading to sochi as part of the olympic figure skating team. she won a silver medal at the nationals in boston over the weekend and yesterday she found out that she and two other figure skaters were named to the name. we'll take a break and come back with weather and traffic.
10:28 am
welcome back. the sun is warming us up nicely
10:29 am
out there already. we're heading towards highs about 2:30 later this afternoon of about 68 degrees in the south bay. 69 degrees today in the north bay. so we've got a major warm-up headed our way as we head through the week. finally by this weekend, we are going to see the storm track dip to the south. look at where we're headed in san jose. 67. up to 71 degrees for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. then we cool off, maybe some rain on saturday. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> a number of spots. the crash in lanes just past livermore avenue. facing away from us. the caravan continues southeast. they just traveled into that center divide. south towards fremont, still slow toward 287. we had a big slowdown. had a lot of debris at 101. sounds like old christmas decorations.
10:30 am
back to you. >> going to have much more local news coming up in a half-hour at 11:00. see you then. progresso light soups, soups so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light, 100 calories per serve, progresso light soups. we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. if you're like most women, the best part of the golden globes or any other awards show is always the fashion. >> yeah. some celebs were right on trend. others could have used a few tweaks. if only they had the help of our resident fashionista, "today" style editor bobbie thomas. >> what did you think overall? >> i actually was engaged. i thought a lot of people took risks, but, of course, you have to make way for the clean cate blanchett. she did necklaces on her back, ear cuffs before anyone. this woman has always been a trend setter. i love that she has this amazing
10:31 am
ability to -- if you see her in this armani dress, she has this awesome ability to look sophisticated and classy, traditional, but modern at the same time. >> it looks black but i heard it was blue of some sort. >> it was like a midnight with a nude sheath. it is just so delicate. the lace at the back, had she walked away, wow. >> my first look at the back. >> i like the back better. she should have turned it around. >> a little j. lo action. next up, the risk takers i mentioned. on, loupe peupita wit red cape -- >> i thought she was gorgeous. >> she was our best dressed. i love how adorable emma watson was so age appropriate. >> pants on. >> a dress over pants, sort of a trend we saw on the runway for spring. sandra bullock really went bold with the dress. i kind of loved it. i thought it was fun. then we have on caitlin fitzgerald, a more modest
10:32 am
approach and the high/low hemline on her dress was a big trend. it is so trerefreshing for some to not dress to look sexy but more polished. >> who is that? >> caitlin fitzgerald. >> what is she on? >> she's an actress i believe on "mast "master effects." julia roberts is one of our favorites. she showed up with a more interesting dress. and taylor swift, always glamorous in a gown. i thought, let's see what it would look like if we switched their dresses. so i did the swap. >> you moved the heads. >> well, and i did adjust. what i really love about this is you'll see on taylor, it is fun to see her in something different and on julia some color. so if you look back at the original, you see julia -- it looks great. i think it looks more fashion forward on taylor to have something a little different. i like on julia the softness of the silhouette and she can do no
10:33 am
wrong, but -- >> okay. that wasn't my favorite. >> julia's? >> yeah. >> no. >> now a big favorite, jennifer lawrence, i have the biggest girl crush, please come see me, i would make out with you. >> newlywed. >> that didn't take long. >> and, you know, people are saying, she's in another dior. of course she is. she has a contract with them. >> she's the face of dior. >> the silhouette is something she likes. she has a long torso, the open problem as yours, hoda. what this dress did is it exaggerated the long torso. so the attention is dragged down because of this beltline here, and this. so what i wanted to do was add this black line up at the top. >> the one on the left is -- >> is the original. you'll see what i did is i added the black line on her bustline, and then got rid of the dark lipstick so the smoky eye would have the illusion of bringing everything up. and i really, if you look at the two shots, i did not touch her at all physically, so it did
10:34 am
make her look taller and lifted her up. so really -- >> okay. another one. paula patton got a lot of flack, great dress, wrong carpet, maybe the oscars. >> which one did she wear? >> the one on the left that was covered up. when you have a huge detail like that, you have to sort of give a little bit back. like that big deep neckline, kind of -- she was being eaten literally, overpowered. >> almost looks like a ventriloquist with the thing -- did you like the globes? i thought they were good. i didn't like them so much. she's such a beautiful woman and it overpowered her. >> last but not least, quick fix for anyone at home, you look at a dress, reese witherspoon in a dress, great, simple, but i had to add the slit because it balanced the frame with the neckline a little bit. don't be afraid to ask a tailor to add a tweak like that. inexpensive and go to our website and tell me what you think. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> nice to see you.
10:35 am
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ahh! oh! yeah, this is much better. [ male announcer ] slow roasted and carved thick. oscar mayer carving board gives you all the taste of the holidays, without all the hassle. it's holiday, any day food. it's oscar mayer. we're back with two new members -- what, hoda? >> two new members. >> of "the joy fit club." if you already lost motivation to lose weight this year, these stories will inspire you. >> combined they lost more than 400 pounds. >> here to tell us how they did it is the leader of the pack, "today" contributor joy bauer. >> these women are unbelievable. we're going to start with emily moore, from alabama. >> okay. >> she's 32 years old. that's emily over there before. and she got married very, very young, to the man of her dreams, happily married, they have two kids, but when they first got married, she didn't know how to cook and they loved to eat. they existed on fast food, convenience meals and lots of
10:39 am
restaurant oughtings. she gained weight, fast and furiously, especially during her two pregnancies. the turning point was on a family vacation, they were on the plane going to disney world with her dad, with her two boys, and with her husband and she had to ask for a seat belt extender. now, they didn't care. she was mortified. when she came back, she went to a weight loss surgeon, with committed to doing the surgery. she found out the cost and the fact it wasn't covered by insurance, it wasn't a possibility. god literally intervened and a few days later at sunday school, i have the chills, she met a girl who lost a lot of weight simply by counting calories. >> old-fashioned way. >> she showed her how to do it. she downloaded a free app, my fitness pal, and she is a different person. beforehand, this is her. >> emily, hold on. i can't wait. >> okay. >> she's going to walk out after losing 185 pounds. >> unbelievable. who are you? >> oh, my gosh!
10:40 am
>> she is stunning. >> she looks like minus 2. >> what size are you? >> i'm a 4. >> no. >> no, you're not. >> you look awesome. >> i just thank god. >> oh, my -- >> you look amazing. >> what do you eat? >> she learned how to cook and she befriended the crock pot. >> explain what you do with the recipes. >> this is the pasta balognese. it is low calorie and healthy. i can make this, and it is huge, and together in the morning. >> she doubles and triples recipes and puts them in individual containers. stashes them in the freezer and has future meals going forward. >> i can't believe it. >> it is right there. >> easy. >> you are amazing. >> don't go anywhere. >> who's next? >> next, we have denise woodforde. she's from kansas. denise is 55 years old and she struggled with her weight since
10:41 am
she was 16. so this is an amazing story because it wasn't until she was 53 her daughter had a very painful miscarriage. denise prayed to god and vowed that if he would give her daughter a child, then she would finally lose the weight. in this picture, denise is 346 pounds. denise has lost 270 pounds. >> please come out. >> and this is her big sweater from before. look at her! >> unbelievable. >> and she is a happy grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren. >> you look awesome. >> thank you. >> wow. >> what is she eating? >> nothing. >> what she's done is she made swaps to everyday food to drive the calories down. instead of egg, egg substitute. instead of whole milk, low fat milk. she sweetened up her recipes with bananas, using low calorie bread, non-fat greek yogurt.
10:42 am
>> my husband doesn't even recognize me. i have people in the grocery store that say, where's your first wife? >> oh, great job. great job. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> awesome. >> all right, your mother made you do it. >> five elements of the perfect thank you note. >> and the a cappella group home free treats us to a big >> and the a cappella group home free[ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. how much i love you. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely.
10:43 am
so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. it's an invitation to stop and savor the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious. of course there's dust. in addition to dust, you might find a little latte. ♪ and maybe something beastly. mixed in with the dust, you may even find some pixie sneezes. compared to a dry duster, a can of pledge picks up more dust and cleans 100% of messes. pledge multi surface. dusts better. cleans more. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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a thank you note is always appreciated. >> in the world of e-mails, text, there is nothing like getting a handwritten note that makes gratitude so much meaningful and purposeful. >> harper's bazaar had five rules to the perfect thank you note and she's here to share them with us. samantha is a psychiatrist and founder of positive and not just another pretty face. >> yes. >> hey, girl. >> nice to see you. >> how are you? >> thank you. >> we were talking about, i sat down and said i'm pretty good about the thank you notes. i'm late this year. i don't know why. is it ever too late to send those out? >> better late than never. you know, obviously earlier is best. my mom said prompt, punctual, quick letters, but better late than never. >> important for a lot of reasons. >> it is about acknowledging the gift and expressing appreciation, but also showing gratitude. and that's important. >> your mom taught you, when you
10:47 am
were younger, kathie is the same way with your kids. >> and your mother. >> right. i mean, i say thank you. i have lots of gratitude, but it wasn't something that we -- >> i'm asking, say hoda gave me something, which doesn't happen very often. say she did and i say thank you to her right here. do i also have to thank her with a note? >> that's a great question. i think if you're there, in front of, you don't have to. if it is in front of you, you expressed appreciation for it, absolutely not. no. >> what does a good thank you note have in it. >> what are the elements? >> i think start with a -- expressing gratitude for the thanks itself, thank you so much for the toaster. how are you going to use this toaster. >> i'm going to toast things. >> describe some innovative way that you're going to use it in your life. and then also go on to talk about something positive going on in your life, that you can
10:48 am
sort of connect maybe with something positive going on in their life. i've been taking toaster -- sandwich making classes and cook classes. >> it becomes a letter, though, not a note, right? >> it is more of a letter. i think of a thank you note as a gratitude letter. >> how long should it be? >> two paragraphs is perfect. >> note card you write your little things. >> thanks for the toaster. >> thanks for the toaster -- you can do better than that. >> how young should kids get started in doing this kind of thing? >> i think as early as possible. about, you know, kindergarten is a good stage. >> when they can start to write. >> make it fun for them. get creative. get out the glitter. if you express appreciation for the thank you letters you receive too, celebrate that. i keep a gratitude wall at home of thank you letters we get and they love that. >> so -- >> she's the perfect mother. >> i can tell. if someone sends you a thank you note, do you have to acknowledge you got the note? someone asked me, did you get my
10:49 am
thank you note? i was like, yes. >> no. >> that could go on forever. >> thank you. >> you're a delight. please come back and tell us why we're so rude. they took top honors at "the singoff". >> home free sings something familiar.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> oh, my god. you know we love a cappella groups around here. today we have a special one. >> home free. >> took america by storm, grabbing the top prize at the finale of nbc's singing competition "the sing-off". >> they snagged $100,000, which really isn't that much when you divvy it all up. just kidding. more importantly, what every new group wants, that coveted
10:53 am
recording contract. the group has a new album already coming up tomorrow called "crazy life" and they are chris, rob, austin, tim, and adam. i think they're brothers. >> great to meet you guys. congratulations. >> thank you. >> has your life completely changed, by the way, since that competition? >> absolutely. it has been surreal to say the least. >> are you the bass player? >> i wonder. wow. what are you going to sing for us today? >> we're going to do a song called "wake me up" by avicii, a little home free country style. >> the cd is out tomorrow. >> today. >> it is available today! stop it. >> today. >> maria shriver will be with us tomorrow. ♪ ♪ feeling my way through the darkness ♪ ♪ guided by a beating heart
10:54 am
i can't tell where the journey will end ♪ ♪ but i know where to start ♪ they tell me i'm too young to understand ♪ ♪ they say i'm caught up in a dream ♪ ♪ well life will pass me by if i don't open up my eyes ♪ ♪ well that's fine by me ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ ♪ all this time i was finding myself and i ♪ ♪ didn't know i was lost ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ ♪ all this time i was finding myself and i ♪ ♪ didn't know i was lost
10:55 am
♪ ♪ i tried carrying the weight of the world ♪ ♪ but i only have two hands ♪ ♪ hope i get the chance to travel the world ♪ ♪ but i don't have any plans ♪ ♪ wish that i could stay forever this young ♪ ♪ not afraid to close my eyes ♪ ♪ life's a game made for everyone ♪ ♪ and love is a prize ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ ♪ all this time i was finding myself and i ♪
10:56 am
♪ didn't know i was lost ♪ so wake me up when it's all over when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ ♪ all this time i was finding myself and i i didn't know i was lost ♪ ♪ so wake me up when it's all over when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ ♪ all this time i was finding myself and i ♪ ♪ i didn't know i was lost ♪ ♪ didn't know i was lost >> oh, my gosh! >> that's country jazz. >> no wonder you won, you guys. >> the record goes on sale
10:57 am
today! >> tomorrow maria shriver will be with us with some advice.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
the 49ers are welcomed back to the bay area after bringing san francisco one step closer to the super bowl. >> why the seahawks are refusing to sell tickets to fans from the golden state. >> and superman who? how colin kaepernick showed up cam newton at the game. did you see it? it happened during yesterday's win. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning to you and thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we'll have much more on the niners' big win in just a moment. investat


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